Thursday, October 27, 2011

hallo!how was ur day of for Diwali? :) mine was awesome!went for a jog with nadz at the park.and boy!it was fun!! i had been jogged ALONE for the past few boringggg!! :( but thanks nadz to teman me to jog for 3 rounds.hehe..

and later on in the evening,we went and lepaks with ma girls at the new +Wondermilk at Publika. I SUPER LOVE the place!! ♥ ♥ ♥ we really enjoyed our brunch/tea! the beautiful french door.and the decors inside, makes my heart skips a bit! ♥ and i'm gonna leave these bugs for the weekend :( hope u guys don't have too much fun without me..hehe..see u next week! ♥

ok dah rindu! :( definitely can't wait for our next year trip!! wooohooo!! ♥ ♥ have a nice thursday peeps! much love xx

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