Monday, October 10, 2011

pernah tahu tak apa cita-cita saya? untuk mencapai cita-cita,seseorang perlu ada matlamat,bukan? tapi tahun ni matlamat saya,saya tak berapa nak ingat.samada kabur atau memang takde matlamat tahun nih :P

ok.i really sucked at writing post in interesting BM.i'll end up making it sound like 'langsi' yeah,talking about new year's resolutions,i dun think i did mention any,this year.but thinking about resolutions and as i was browsing thru some blogs,i just realized...most of them have their own ambitions.and,happened to be some of them have the same ambition like me,having a scroll of Masters :)

yes,one of my dream is to have a Master in Software Engineering. I've always wanted to be in the Engineering field.but i never knew it could be reallly really hard..definitely for people with brains and a very very determined one :P hehe..i have few friends who already have their Masters or even Phd.Alhamdulillah,congratulations to all of you.i am so proud of them.proud of their determinations and their keenness.subhanAllah!such a strong willed person! but when i look them,it keeps me feeling these positive vibes.something like , "hey, i can do this too!" "why not me?" :) right? but yeah,i just need the right timing to get things in place.insyaAllah next year,or perhaps 2013.Amin ya Rabb! all i have to do is to make sure that i'm still in track.remember once quoted "Get my ducks in a row" ? perhaps my duckies are not in the right row yet.not just yet..may Allah guide all of us to whatever dreams we wished for :) amin... much love xx

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