Thursday, October 27, 2011

hallo!how was ur day of for Diwali? :) mine was awesome!went for a jog with nadz at the park.and boy!it was fun!! i had been jogged ALONE for the past few boringggg!! :( but thanks nadz to teman me to jog for 3 rounds.hehe..

and later on in the evening,we went and lepaks with ma girls at the new +Wondermilk at Publika. I SUPER LOVE the place!! ♥ ♥ ♥ we really enjoyed our brunch/tea! the beautiful french door.and the decors inside, makes my heart skips a bit! ♥ and i'm gonna leave these bugs for the weekend :( hope u guys don't have too much fun without me..hehe..see u next week! ♥

ok dah rindu! :( definitely can't wait for our next year trip!! wooohooo!! ♥ ♥ have a nice thursday peeps! much love xx

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Monday, October 24, 2011

hello!! goshhh..fuuhh fuhh..kasi tiup sket blog bersawang nih :P's your weekend?? alhamdulillah,despite the crazy weekdays and haywired everywhere..i was a wee bit mixture of happy and sad.but the sad part,is just a teeeny please ignore.

the whole week gone pass super fast!! the only thing i could remember was having a damn pain on thursday,and hafta rushed to the hospital..for,not by ambulance,thank God.i was just having a false alarm..but,still..i went to the nearest clinic to get myself checked.and the doctor gave me some antibiotics for my pain to subside..and some painkillers.and i'm going for another appoinment tomorrow.i really hope it was nothing!fanauzubillah..

and the same night, i went to meet my lalings LILO,azz,nadz,and shila to celebrate lela's few last days before flying off to Kemaman for work :( she's working for Schlumberger now..congrats lilo!! ♥ good for u :) and so we had a nice dinner at Ben's, KLCC.the food was niceeee!! but the waiting sucks!! glad that we couldn't be bothered to be pissed off,so we indulged ourselves in the hot and juicy gossip..hehe..

and the next day,i went for the usual walk at the park.went to TESCO,bought some stuffs for the coming soon trip (can't wait!!) and head home.straight to bed :P woke up at 330pm,went to +Wondermilk with azz and met up the girls nadz,fizz,eija and inarah for our reunion discussion! yeayyy!! glad we came out with ideas for the places,time,budgets and everything.and it was fun to meet old friends!! so we stayed til 630,and head home.

little adra was there too!! of course! who's gonna take our picture otherwise :P

my sunday was the best! :) suka sangat!!i get to meet my MUSTARDS!! (hahaha id,thanks for the name!) we had greatttt breakfast and catching ups after god know how long!!and all the updates are UPDATED!lol..and yes,we must do this every week pleasee!!! sehari seminggu pun takpe! sempat nak rindu korang for another 6 days and kumpul cerita! ;P

and i was shocked with a news too!! and i am happy..and blessed :) ♥ i will let u know when the time is for now.i am sleeping with a smile every single night and i am 'SURE' now :) heee..i had a great weekend!how about you? and i am now counting days for BANDOENG!can u believe it?? another 4 days to go!! weeee~~ can't wait!! have a nice day,peeps! much love xx

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hi peeps!! how you doing? :) alhamdulillah i am back to the pinkest health.but a wee bit of coughing if accounting with cooooldddd air conditioning.he he..but else than that,yours truly had gone jogged for a good 45 minutes at the park last sunday..with lilo sleeping in bed 'SNORINGLY' haha

as u all know,i was away for a week.i had flu and fever for almost a week! alhamdulillah i was getting better on weekends.managed to get to Jid's son, Arshad's aqiqah and Lam + Izal's wedding.and so many things happened over the weekend! i thought i was going to be sick again!too busy and not enough sleep! pfftt!! but alhamdulillah,taking the antibiotics helped me to recover..fully.alhamdulillah :)

so lately i am really eyeing whatever goes into my tummy..i was told that i have a very loooowww iron in my now i hafta start to be 'friends' with all those veggies.urghh!! (i wonder how vivy can be so fit and yet,not eating veggies.hehe) doctor also told me to go back to my old weight..which is 48kgs.heuhehu..*sniff*sniff*cryyyyy (ala ala nicki minaj) i am in the normal BMI.alhamdulillah..but she asked me to loose a wee bit more.apekah?? so dengan ini,saya kenalah menjaga pemakanan saya.well,it is more to eat more veggies.because aa..i read aa..those veggies really helps woo...(baru tahu ke erin oiii!!) they have fibres,and also water and all these nutritions to help me be in a good shape!

however, i am still working on it.but i 'thought' i've eaten enough veggies,you see.i eat salad!like sayur salad~ not those salad with thousand island kind of thing..hehe..and i eat urmm, cucumber,kacang botol,asparagus,spinach,kailan with ikan masin,kacang panjang,a weee bit of carrots,taugeh,cabbage is my favourite! :D and hmm what else..i think i do eat sawi sometimes.oh is potato,veggie? :P i eat potatoes too!and tempe too!! heee..ok tu je..i don't really fancy onions though.tak cukup eh? :P if any cookings included these veggies,i don't mind munching them! but other than that aa,sowieeee..they tasted RAW!! ewww!! hahahahah

so now i am slowly looking at my choices of veggies and dishes like not too oily,and nasi goreng is need to be put aside from time to time.but actually,nasi goreng has everything inside you see..especially my favorite beef fried rice : carbs (rice),protien (beef) and some sawi and jagung (veggies) enough right? :P i wonder how does people doesn't eat meat and chicken and urm rice! fewh~!! really tough life there!i wish u all the best!hahahaha but yeah,i can see these people looking lean and super slim..jealous!>:P oh well, let see how it goes..i had been battling with this since the day i gained 5 kilos last 5 years..pfftt!!shake it shake it off fatty bom bom!! we need to get back to normal here :P heee..have a nice day peeps! much love xx

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

have u watched the blue valentine? dang it was a really sad storryyy :'( how could you be 'out of love' with someone if you love them from the first place :( fanauzubillah..i hope it doesn't happen to me.insyaAllah buttt..the sweetest part of the story was when they get married!! hahaha..i super love that blue suit he puts on! :)

he looked so smashing right?? do u think rashid will look nice in that blue? :D hee..just saying..have a nice thursday ;) much love xx

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

semalam kan,saya bangun pegi keje lambat! usual..sebab dah tau rumah dekat gila ngan ofis a.k.a masuk kete start enjin,ada 3 traffic light..pastu dah sampai office.kejap kan? :D semalam jugak pagi2 dah masa sampai office dah pukul terus memecut masuk ke basement secara songsang!selamba! ps : songsang means opposite way..sebab kitorang yang a.k.a kuli tak berapa kuli ni..takde pass untuk nak masuk parking masuk ikut exit!LOL..nasib baik ada parking.

masuk opeh terus punch card.perut lapar gila tahap kebulur sebab malam sebelumnya makan sup tomyam je.serious,tomyam je!! ok,tipu..dengan sedikit nasi (sambil curi nasi goreng daging encik yang sedap tu masa dia tengah cakap telefon dengan kawan dia.haha!) so bangun pagi konon nak sahur,pastu tengok jam 540pagi.pegi dapur,bukak fridge,amek susu.tegur satu gelas.pastu solat subuh.sambung tido.pastu bangun rasa macam nak pegi sebab tu jadi lapar balik :D

dah masuk ofis..pegi breakfast macam biasa.pekena teh tarik.lepak setengah jam.terus semangat nak siapkan homework iSMS yang tak siap since last month :P maka dengan tekun bukak segala buku teks yang tebal tu..selerak atas meja..meneruskan kerja dengan tekun..tengok2 jam dah pukul 640pm!woww!! tak percaya kan?? (separuh masa dihabiskan dengan main game kat kira buat kerja sambil main game lah..hahaha!) balik2 umah je terus call orang gas,"encik saya dah sms alamat rumah saya.boleh tolong datang hantarkan gas?berapa lama ye nak sampai?" masa tu tengok jam,nak timing.pukul 7malam orang tu boleh plak jawab "tunggu je.nanti saya sampai." erk!boleh plak jawab camtu?? hmmm..okay..kita tunggu.sebab kita ni dahlah tengah lapar.nak pegi pasar malam.dah pikir menu macam macam..

satu jam yang kemudian..YE..SATU JAM KEMUDIAN!!orang gas tu tak sampai2 lagi!! dengan cite Soffiya pun dah abes dah kat tv3.perut pun dah menghasilkan bunyi.tengah hari tadi makan mihun sup je.tu pun tak abes (tak sedap)!so,sms balik kat orang gas tu "encik,saya dah tunggu satu jam.jadi hantar gas ke tak??" notice the ?? ada dua kali,kan?nak marah lah tu..intai2 tingkap apartment,nampak lah motor pakcik gas tu terhuyung-hayang nak hantar gas kat saya.. (kesian lah plak..) sampai je pakcik tu,tengok mata dia merah semacam..macam kepenatan..kesian plak..baru planning nak sembur kat dia..macam2 ayat dah rangka nak sound kenapa datang hantar gas sejam lamanya..huhu..

dah dapat gas,terus pegi pasar malam.beli kebab.beli laksa kedah.beli ayam uncle bob.perghh!! first time makan! pernah makan? sedap woooo..nah tengok nih : UNCLE BOB memangggg sedappp!!sambil bawak kete nak balik apartment pun dah abes dah ayam ni makan..ingatkan besar,tak abes.sekali!!peghhh!!definitely gonna get it again next week! (kat pasar malam taman tun ada jual tak,ek?)

so that was how my serabut day was.fulllllll with sooo many tiring things and i end up going to sleep tak tutup lampu!:P sedar2 dah kena bangun untuk sahur.makan honey stars and milk.kunyah2 sambil tengok NERACA :P sambung tido balik.pastu terlajak sampai kol 730pagi!!sambung balik serabut!kelam kabut mandi,gosok tudung.sampai ofis punch card MERAH arghhhh!! so yes,selamat hari serabut..but i'm gonna get my Baskin Robin today :) it's pink day.perhaps it will end my serabut day.have a not so serabut day peeps! much love xx

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Monday, October 10, 2011

pernah tahu tak apa cita-cita saya? untuk mencapai cita-cita,seseorang perlu ada matlamat,bukan? tapi tahun ni matlamat saya,saya tak berapa nak ingat.samada kabur atau memang takde matlamat tahun nih :P

ok.i really sucked at writing post in interesting BM.i'll end up making it sound like 'langsi' yeah,talking about new year's resolutions,i dun think i did mention any,this year.but thinking about resolutions and as i was browsing thru some blogs,i just realized...most of them have their own ambitions.and,happened to be some of them have the same ambition like me,having a scroll of Masters :)

yes,one of my dream is to have a Master in Software Engineering. I've always wanted to be in the Engineering field.but i never knew it could be reallly really hard..definitely for people with brains and a very very determined one :P hehe..i have few friends who already have their Masters or even Phd.Alhamdulillah,congratulations to all of you.i am so proud of them.proud of their determinations and their keenness.subhanAllah!such a strong willed person! but when i look them,it keeps me feeling these positive vibes.something like , "hey, i can do this too!" "why not me?" :) right? but yeah,i just need the right timing to get things in place.insyaAllah next year,or perhaps 2013.Amin ya Rabb! all i have to do is to make sure that i'm still in track.remember once quoted "Get my ducks in a row" ? perhaps my duckies are not in the right row yet.not just yet..may Allah guide all of us to whatever dreams we wished for :) amin... much love xx

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

talking about sincerity, it reminds me of HJ's entry previously.she was talking on how a woman should sincere in whatever she do towards her family (husband,children and family) it just hit me right in the face.well,of course not on me and my non existant husband and child of course.but it hit me right in the face when it comes to sincerity..

i realized that i had been not in the pinkest i tend to become grumpy.everything seems a hassle to me.even just to get off the bed when the maid came in and need to clean up my room (THAT grumpy!) so when i am grumpy,everything that i was meant to do becomes 'hassle'.when i hafta do something,i become super duper lazy and yep,insincere! :(

even doing the work in the office lately makes me feel like "what's the point of me doing this? it's not even supposed to be my task!" or something like "i was not supposed to attend the meeting at the first place,why should i even bother go and being someone's substitute??" urghhh!! i feel like smashing everything that was not supposed to be assigned to me :( i feel that it's unfair and yes,if i hafta do it though,i will do it unwillingly.but after reading HJ's entry.i just realized that..Ya Allah,what am i doing?

i started to realize that every single thing that i do unwillingly or insincerely, i just end up being unhappy and i right? you just couldn't feel the pleasure of accomplishing the fact, you will be MORE grumpy and you just hate your work each and every day! so,like HJ said,be sincere.isn't it WORKING is an ibadah too? it's a way of making your own rezeki :) so,why not change sincere in what you do.slowly..but surely..insyaAllah,someday you will feel that every thing that you done sincerely,is worthwhile :) amin..much love xx

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Monday, October 03, 2011

hello!me is not feeling well today.or even yesterday :( i went to see the doctor today,as i had this cough since friday.and the doctor told me to do blood test..

haih..the blood test result came out and this little monster is having the usual low hemoglobin (again!) due to lack of irons in the blood (sape suruh tak makan sayur!!) nota kaki : saya memang ada Anemia Iron deficiency.since dulu,but its nothing's just because i don't eat much of veggies..jadi bila demam pun,dia lambat sket nak sembuh.huhu..

so,i am taking an MC today (doctor tak bagi pun,but i made my own MC sebab tak larat nak pegi keje) and i hope i will get well by the end of the week.this week is gonna be a hectic one for me! :(

on better note,today is momsie's birthday! happy birthday mommy!! i ♥ u!! may Allah bless u always and i wish you all the happiness in the world :) aminnn ya rabb..

with her new birthday watch

Dear Allah,may you ease up this whole week for many things need to be done! will update more soon when she's much better..much love xx

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

uhuuuukkk uhukkkk!!HACCCHHOOOO!!dang! i dun like cough!and i think i just caught flu :( and a very very bad headache.mundane sunday for me today...dozing off now.these meds making me sleepyy...have a nice weekend to you,though! ;) much love xx

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