Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hello!!today,is my besties' birthday..POJOE!! boy i miss him soo much! but he had been super busy with his work and life in Oz.i know :( i think its been two years since he last called me.that sad,right? but its ok.boys are like that!hahaha..

but i do remember when we first met.haha (jangan marah ye encik boifren) it's just funny and lame i shall say ;P well i first met him when i was working in Toys 'R' Us.and no,he did not work there! :P he was a friend of my collegue,Hijjas.Its really irony cause we both went to all boys and girls i guess the randomness just hit us off :) first thing he did was to ask me if i have a handphone? and he wanted to use it to call his dad! (was it his dad??) hahaha..during those years,it was my first time to have my own handphone by the was my pearl white, Nokia 3210.hahaha!that old school kan? :D and that was when he put his 'house' number on my cellphone.haha gosh!PHONE HOUSE okay!! everyone have the landline back then.nowadays,everyone is using the cellphone or smartphones.sheesh!! talking about technology!

back then was really really interesting you see.i feel like laughing now.those days were the days when we're like this weird close friends who keeps calling each other almost every single day! and nope,no strings attached ;) i will call his house phone,and his mom picked up the phone.vice versa.macam budak kecik baru nak berkawan tau.funny.hehe..and it went on and on until i went to Japan,and he went to Australia :)

this pojoe,i tell you.has a loaaddds of questions and sooo many story to tell that he will call me just to talk!hahaha..until he realized that i am wayyyy much of a talker than he is :P he used to tell me "ko ni banyak cakap lah..ape ko merepek pun aku dah tak faham" haha!siot betul! he was the one who called me at the first place!DOINK!:P

pojoe likes to talk about girls!hahaha!!betul,kan pojoe??but that was wayyy back when he was still in college and *uhuk*uhuk* first two years in Perth until his recent girlfriend :) he will call all the way from Perth just to talk about these special girls are so lucky you know!;) and i know when he finally hit that one girl.that one special girl.i bet she is still his special someone :) insyaAllah..

but one thing about pojoe is that he is a very random guy.a sarcastic one too!and yes,his sarcasm makes him a funny man :) but being himself is the best part about him.he just speak out whatever is in his mind :) and i'm glad he's still the same old pojoe.EXCEPT,he aaa..forgets me oledi duduk jauh2 in bikin busy..sampai lupa kawan.hahahaha..

so pojoe,HAPPY BIRTHDAY awesome man!i wish u all the happiness in the world.and i hope you'll be with 'her' when the time is right :) (i know ur still going out with her btw) haha..and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO INVITE ME to your WEDDING! ;) and may you have the awesomest 27th Birthday,man! miss u buddy! have a nice day! it's your day!! much love xx

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