Thursday, September 22, 2011

hello peeps! how was your day today? alhamdulillah it's already the 24th of Syawal!can u believe it??and i think almost every weekends we will have Open House invitations ;) it's fun to go and meet friends for Open Houses.the food was not the main dish on the table,it's the long hours of conversations with dear friends who we've not seen for ages.the best dish ever ;) it can for hours!hehe..

and at the same time,in truly blessed month of Syawal,'s also the month of turning point for me.i just recently decided to change my lifestyle.due to so many reasons.i think i'm starting to read financial books.(not the whole book just yet) i saw this video "Stretching Your Ringgit" really really such an eye opener for me.

as my age is no longer in the 'mid' of her twenties.i am considering so many things in my life right now.i might not seen this before but as time passed me by..i just realize that i am very very weak in my financial terms of shopping and all these craps i spent on.i know i'm not such a big spender :P (SPENDER..get it??haha!!ok lame) i mean,i don't spend that much.but at least half of my salary was spent on i dunno what!haha..have you heard of that phrase before? :P same goes to most woman in the world i guess.(most..not all) so this "Stretching Your Ringgit" really head me in my numb head.i am blessed for that,i guess.

i will let you see the video from time to time ok :) it's really interesting on how you wanna spend your money and on 'what' do you hafta spend your money on.i am sometimes envy with people who has their own company at the age of 24!goshh!! they must be really hardworking!i've always wanted to have my own company.but i'm not much of a business minded. (not even the family line.hehe) so i think i'll just stick to investments.i think i'm considering on some investment in the future.but i am not planning to start just yet.i need to have a proper plan and i hope with Allah's will,i will achieve my plan by next year :)

as for now,i thank you Allah for giving me this turning point of my life to realize what i really have to do and what i want in my for you,what is your turning point? i have another turning point to share with you.but lemme start that one first,and i will let you know the progress aite ;)

have a nice day.and may Allah guide you to success :) much love xx

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