Monday, September 19, 2011

i love watching these two series, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser :P watching these two series really makes me feel connected to what they are showing.

so lemme tell you about The Amazing Race.everytime i watch The Amazing Race..i'll get all excited looking at the interesting places they went.and one thing about the amazing race is that you're given a name of a place..and you'll hafta figure out on how fast and how early you can get to a you hafta plan your travel.well,i LOVEEE planning and travelling, BOTH!

like there's this one time in Amazing Race 16, they have this ticket to take a bus in they arrived at this one bus station with the same name,BUT it's not the CENTRAL station which will take them to the place they having a bus station in KL,eg Pudu. But Pudu Station does not have buses which will head to Kelantan,right? so yeah,it's kinda funny when the teams were clueless and yet,still waiting at the wrong bus station which lead them to missing the 'real' bus which was waiting in the they were behind of see,you have to plan! let me give you some tips for traveling in foreign places.

first, if you plan to take a bus,a cab or a have to make sure that the transportation that you're taking will stop at the closest stop to the place you're heading.and you have to ensure the exit doors too! if the bus or train stops at the four different exits, you must ensure that the place you're heading will exits which's easy if they have exit A and exit B.but if you have the stations with North,South,East and West will go crazy! plus,it's in a foreign language :P

secondly,if you are trying to connect transports.plan your time.for example you need to take a bus from A to B and change to another station to get a train from B to have to plan your time before leaving from A.this is to ensure that you reach on time at B and departs from B to get on time to C before the last train or last taxi for the day.This is to avoid you to end up sleeping at the station or paying extra cash for the wee hours transport ;)

thirdly,PLEASE DON'T BE SHY TO ASK! i mean it.some guys *ehem2* mostly,does not like to ask around.i mean, come on! you're traveling in a different world here.and you expect to know every corners at the back of your hands?? so my tips..ask around! i bet they understand English.try using simple words.Like 'Where is toilet?', 'Can i take this train to Champ de Mars?', 'When is the last train?' you know,all these simple words really helps.they don't understand the whole sentence,but at least they know where you're heading.helpful enough?

fourthly, learn at least a little word or sentence from the country you're Makkah,for example.Learn how to speak at least some words like 'Bi kam?' = How much? ,'Syukran' = Thank you, 'Afuan' = Excuse me. simple words will really help.even in France :) having my best friends who took French in high school.they really helped me in some least i know how to say 'Pardon' = Excuse me, 'Merci'= Thank you, and,right?

Last but not least,bring the right amount of is my advice to have extra money just in case you have excess baggage.or maybe last minute of taking the fastest transport to can be costly,but that't the easiest way to get you on,that is why planning your travel is really might also bring some extra money for emergencies like taking the trains,or buses just in case you took the wrong directions or wrong bus ;) and credit card really helps too.not for you to spend but just in case you're out of cash,you can go to the money changer and get the cash.that's what i usually do :) just in case of emergency ya ;P

so yep,that all for now.something i thought might help for those who's planning for a well planned traveling and some saving tips for travel.well,if you don't mind to splurge a bit,i don't mind if you prefer to take cabs all the time on taking the stairs in the train stations anyway :P hope it helps.much love xx


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