Monday, September 05, 2011

salam :) how's raya everyone??mine was awesooommee posssuummm!! tahun ni sama macam tahun tahun sebelum ni,sambut raya di kampung halaman.kelantan.seronok!never fails me :) all the kids and the mak bapak and funny old man and woman.i superlove them.and this year,all of my siblings are back in Kelantan :) Abang,Kakak,Abg Amin and nina,Asy, mama and papa :) insyaAllah next year ada tambah ahli :)

and then we have mom's first brother,ayah li.there's little amalin,and her sisters Alia and Anis.and her dad,ayah Li who was Kelantan football player.memang tinggi lampai ayah li.wife pun sama.tinggi and they got all these lovely daughters.tinggi and kurus :)

and there's little asyraf,with his lovely sisters, Shikin, Shikah and Alisha.and ayah ha is our lucky uncle who gets to be one of the Syifa's practitioner and also works in Sony.his wife aunty Win is an engineer in Sony too :)

and there's Cik Sie.the 3rd sister in mom's siblings (mom is eldest) she is a teacher.and his husband,uncle Khairul (handsome kan??) is a teacher too!they have 3 children.Aisyah,Aiman and Aliff :)

and then we have ayah le!my favourite uncle! he stays in Damansara with us.and we had been really really close!closest mom's siblings among all of them (well prolly because all of us staying in Damansara kut :)) and so ayah le works in Bandar Utama as an electrician.And his wife, Kak Ina is an accountant.and their lovely daughters..Syafiqa and Natasha :)

and then we have ayah we.youngest uncle.he too works as an electrician in Klang.and his beautiful wife, Kak Ila is a housewife.with two lovely kids, Dani and Diana.that Dani is sucha funny guy!!

and last but not youngest aunty! mimi :) she's only 2 years older than yeah..hehe..and mimi works in CIMB.and her husband works as an OKU teacher.awesome right??i wish i could learn sign language with him.he rocks! and their lovely son is Adam.very very cute!! and nice hair too! ;)

and to have all these beautiful aunties and uncles.i have a pretty mama tok and handsome tok ayah :) macam gambar baru nak berkenalan! sweet they are..

we missed out one aunty though.we could not get her family picture.but i love her dearly too :) she's an awesome tailor and her husband is a lecturer ;) handsome too! hehe and they have lovely daughters Inani and Ikah,and a handsome son, Hakim :)

that's inani and hakim,though :D

and so this year hari raya was really meaningful to many things happened.but lemme just make another post on for now.i hope u had an awesome raya,cos i did! have an awesome and blessful Syawal.and i hope to see u peeps soon!my tummy is ready for open houses! BRING IT ON!! ;) much love xx

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