Monday, September 26, 2011

hellooo!! how was your weekend?? mine was ososmest!!alhamdulillah..everything went well.i managed to get to all the open houses invited.but i missed one important event though.

i was invited by Nad Ajjah ,to a talk in KGPA (the one that Vivy went :) ) after reading it at Vivy's blog.i was like "alaa..ruginya tak pegi!!" thanks to V :) at least i know what the talk is about.After reading it,i was like "Ya Allah! i shouldn't do that to my friend!" :( astaghfirullah..i was a bad buddy! :( thank you Vivy for that lovely can also read about it,here how to be a good buddy

and as for the rest of the weekends,i was a good buddy you know! ;) hehe,i managed to have an awesome time with good friends at my babesies' open house.saturday was azz's open house and little irfan and arshad was there too!it was really funny to see irfan getting all excited to kiss jid's little's about time,nadz! ahahaha..

and then later in the evening was nadz's open house :) me and bluebird went to have the yummiest nasi tomato! i haven't had nasi for the whole day..and that nasi tomato really made my tummy full and HAPPY!! hahaha..and the rest of the night was just us,laughing at other people.hahahaha (LARIIIIII!!!)

and we were super duper full until 10.30pm!that's like sooo not doing the right diet :P and so we head home.happy and full.

it's just what i need.the two of my lalings ♥ heee..i can't wait to have a nice breakfast just the three of us.lets rajus! :D much love xx

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