Thursday, September 29, 2011

my happiness is in his smile =)

hello!! it's FLYDAYYY!! isn't it awesome?? i am very very happy this week (so far) and i am soo looking forward for the whole weekend too! i'm having my best friends over the weekend! yeay!and i am going to IKEA again this week (ahhh..super duper happy!) and i am looking forward for October!dup dap dup dap! :D

anyways,i was reading naomi's blog : the famous rockstar diaries she's my daily doses :D so she wrote of things that made her terribly happy this week.hehe..and so i feel like writing the same post today ;)

so here are
10 things that are making me terribly happy
as of late:

1) hearing his voice first thing in the morning when i wake up ♥
2) having my best friends over for weekend hangouts!yippie!
3) meeting his parents (family) for the first time after almost 2 years of r/ship
4) knowing that someone loves u so much ♥
5) the look on his face when he gets his surprise gift (priceless)
6) a good run on the treadmill for a good 40minutes and 7km ;)
7) ordered my favorite Cath Kidston bags and gonna get it soon next week! ♥
8) giving mom her birthday gift tonight!! can't waitttt!! ♥ ♥

that is all for about u?? i can't wait for an amazing weekend and i can feel the good vibe from far! =) have a nice weekends everyone!much love xx

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hello.introducing..jeng jeng jeng..for the first one and only sweetheart..






muhammad ameer syahmie!! ♥

cute kan??such a melt melt..hehe..jangan kacau aa..saya dah book dia! :P much love xx

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Monday, September 26, 2011

hellooo!! how was your weekend?? mine was ososmest!!alhamdulillah..everything went well.i managed to get to all the open houses invited.but i missed one important event though.

i was invited by Nad Ajjah ,to a talk in KGPA (the one that Vivy went :) ) after reading it at Vivy's blog.i was like "alaa..ruginya tak pegi!!" thanks to V :) at least i know what the talk is about.After reading it,i was like "Ya Allah! i shouldn't do that to my friend!" :( astaghfirullah..i was a bad buddy! :( thank you Vivy for that lovely can also read about it,here how to be a good buddy

and as for the rest of the weekends,i was a good buddy you know! ;) hehe,i managed to have an awesome time with good friends at my babesies' open house.saturday was azz's open house and little irfan and arshad was there too!it was really funny to see irfan getting all excited to kiss jid's little's about time,nadz! ahahaha..

and then later in the evening was nadz's open house :) me and bluebird went to have the yummiest nasi tomato! i haven't had nasi for the whole day..and that nasi tomato really made my tummy full and HAPPY!! hahaha..and the rest of the night was just us,laughing at other people.hahahaha (LARIIIIII!!!)

and we were super duper full until 10.30pm!that's like sooo not doing the right diet :P and so we head home.happy and full.

it's just what i need.the two of my lalings ♥ heee..i can't wait to have a nice breakfast just the three of us.lets rajus! :D much love xx

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

hello peeps! how was your day today? alhamdulillah it's already the 24th of Syawal!can u believe it??and i think almost every weekends we will have Open House invitations ;) it's fun to go and meet friends for Open Houses.the food was not the main dish on the table,it's the long hours of conversations with dear friends who we've not seen for ages.the best dish ever ;) it can for hours!hehe..

and at the same time,in truly blessed month of Syawal,'s also the month of turning point for me.i just recently decided to change my lifestyle.due to so many reasons.i think i'm starting to read financial books.(not the whole book just yet) i saw this video "Stretching Your Ringgit" really really such an eye opener for me.

as my age is no longer in the 'mid' of her twenties.i am considering so many things in my life right now.i might not seen this before but as time passed me by..i just realize that i am very very weak in my financial terms of shopping and all these craps i spent on.i know i'm not such a big spender :P (SPENDER..get it??haha!!ok lame) i mean,i don't spend that much.but at least half of my salary was spent on i dunno what!haha..have you heard of that phrase before? :P same goes to most woman in the world i guess.(most..not all) so this "Stretching Your Ringgit" really head me in my numb head.i am blessed for that,i guess.

i will let you see the video from time to time ok :) it's really interesting on how you wanna spend your money and on 'what' do you hafta spend your money on.i am sometimes envy with people who has their own company at the age of 24!goshh!! they must be really hardworking!i've always wanted to have my own company.but i'm not much of a business minded. (not even the family line.hehe) so i think i'll just stick to investments.i think i'm considering on some investment in the future.but i am not planning to start just yet.i need to have a proper plan and i hope with Allah's will,i will achieve my plan by next year :)

as for now,i thank you Allah for giving me this turning point of my life to realize what i really have to do and what i want in my for you,what is your turning point? i have another turning point to share with you.but lemme start that one first,and i will let you know the progress aite ;)

have a nice day.and may Allah guide you to success :) much love xx

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hello!!today,is my besties' birthday..POJOE!! boy i miss him soo much! but he had been super busy with his work and life in Oz.i know :( i think its been two years since he last called me.that sad,right? but its ok.boys are like that!hahaha..

but i do remember when we first met.haha (jangan marah ye encik boifren) it's just funny and lame i shall say ;P well i first met him when i was working in Toys 'R' Us.and no,he did not work there! :P he was a friend of my collegue,Hijjas.Its really irony cause we both went to all boys and girls i guess the randomness just hit us off :) first thing he did was to ask me if i have a handphone? and he wanted to use it to call his dad! (was it his dad??) hahaha..during those years,it was my first time to have my own handphone by the was my pearl white, Nokia 3210.hahaha!that old school kan? :D and that was when he put his 'house' number on my cellphone.haha gosh!PHONE HOUSE okay!! everyone have the landline back then.nowadays,everyone is using the cellphone or smartphones.sheesh!! talking about technology!

back then was really really interesting you see.i feel like laughing now.those days were the days when we're like this weird close friends who keeps calling each other almost every single day! and nope,no strings attached ;) i will call his house phone,and his mom picked up the phone.vice versa.macam budak kecik baru nak berkawan tau.funny.hehe..and it went on and on until i went to Japan,and he went to Australia :)

this pojoe,i tell you.has a loaaddds of questions and sooo many story to tell that he will call me just to talk!hahaha..until he realized that i am wayyyy much of a talker than he is :P he used to tell me "ko ni banyak cakap lah..ape ko merepek pun aku dah tak faham" haha!siot betul! he was the one who called me at the first place!DOINK!:P

pojoe likes to talk about girls!hahaha!!betul,kan pojoe??but that was wayyy back when he was still in college and *uhuk*uhuk* first two years in Perth until his recent girlfriend :) he will call all the way from Perth just to talk about these special girls are so lucky you know!;) and i know when he finally hit that one girl.that one special girl.i bet she is still his special someone :) insyaAllah..

but one thing about pojoe is that he is a very random guy.a sarcastic one too!and yes,his sarcasm makes him a funny man :) but being himself is the best part about him.he just speak out whatever is in his mind :) and i'm glad he's still the same old pojoe.EXCEPT,he aaa..forgets me oledi duduk jauh2 in bikin busy..sampai lupa kawan.hahahaha..

so pojoe,HAPPY BIRTHDAY awesome man!i wish u all the happiness in the world.and i hope you'll be with 'her' when the time is right :) (i know ur still going out with her btw) haha..and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO INVITE ME to your WEDDING! ;) and may you have the awesomest 27th Birthday,man! miss u buddy! have a nice day! it's your day!! much love xx

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Monday, September 19, 2011

i love watching these two series, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser :P watching these two series really makes me feel connected to what they are showing.

so lemme tell you about The Amazing Race.everytime i watch The Amazing Race..i'll get all excited looking at the interesting places they went.and one thing about the amazing race is that you're given a name of a place..and you'll hafta figure out on how fast and how early you can get to a you hafta plan your travel.well,i LOVEEE planning and travelling, BOTH!

like there's this one time in Amazing Race 16, they have this ticket to take a bus in they arrived at this one bus station with the same name,BUT it's not the CENTRAL station which will take them to the place they having a bus station in KL,eg Pudu. But Pudu Station does not have buses which will head to Kelantan,right? so yeah,it's kinda funny when the teams were clueless and yet,still waiting at the wrong bus station which lead them to missing the 'real' bus which was waiting in the they were behind of see,you have to plan! let me give you some tips for traveling in foreign places.

first, if you plan to take a bus,a cab or a have to make sure that the transportation that you're taking will stop at the closest stop to the place you're heading.and you have to ensure the exit doors too! if the bus or train stops at the four different exits, you must ensure that the place you're heading will exits which's easy if they have exit A and exit B.but if you have the stations with North,South,East and West will go crazy! plus,it's in a foreign language :P

secondly,if you are trying to connect transports.plan your time.for example you need to take a bus from A to B and change to another station to get a train from B to have to plan your time before leaving from A.this is to ensure that you reach on time at B and departs from B to get on time to C before the last train or last taxi for the day.This is to avoid you to end up sleeping at the station or paying extra cash for the wee hours transport ;)

thirdly,PLEASE DON'T BE SHY TO ASK! i mean it.some guys *ehem2* mostly,does not like to ask around.i mean, come on! you're traveling in a different world here.and you expect to know every corners at the back of your hands?? so my tips..ask around! i bet they understand English.try using simple words.Like 'Where is toilet?', 'Can i take this train to Champ de Mars?', 'When is the last train?' you know,all these simple words really helps.they don't understand the whole sentence,but at least they know where you're heading.helpful enough?

fourthly, learn at least a little word or sentence from the country you're Makkah,for example.Learn how to speak at least some words like 'Bi kam?' = How much? ,'Syukran' = Thank you, 'Afuan' = Excuse me. simple words will really help.even in France :) having my best friends who took French in high school.they really helped me in some least i know how to say 'Pardon' = Excuse me, 'Merci'= Thank you, and,right?

Last but not least,bring the right amount of is my advice to have extra money just in case you have excess baggage.or maybe last minute of taking the fastest transport to can be costly,but that't the easiest way to get you on,that is why planning your travel is really might also bring some extra money for emergencies like taking the trains,or buses just in case you took the wrong directions or wrong bus ;) and credit card really helps too.not for you to spend but just in case you're out of cash,you can go to the money changer and get the cash.that's what i usually do :) just in case of emergency ya ;P

so yep,that all for now.something i thought might help for those who's planning for a well planned traveling and some saving tips for travel.well,if you don't mind to splurge a bit,i don't mind if you prefer to take cabs all the time on taking the stairs in the train stations anyway :P hope it helps.much love xx


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2months to 24th months :) alhamdulillah..

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Friday, September 09, 2011

just some happy people,food,fun and places :) my raya was awesome!i hope so was yours :) much love xx

happy kan? hehe :D

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

dear friends..

i'm not sure if u noticed but i think i changed lately.i can feel it.but i am trying my best to ignore,its nothing serious.just something that i dislike the most just happened to me.

recently,i was told by a O&G doctor that i am having one of the symptom of low eggs production.yes,those eggs :) well,actually..i had known this since i was 15 years old.imagine that 12 years of having this 'unique' symptom.when i was 15 years old,i discovered that i was having a very abnormal menstruation.i have my menses gap between 3 to 6 months.and the longest i had was 9 months.yep.if i was married,i might have a child!lol.ok not so funny :P

i was given some hormone fact,i was given a 'family planning' pills.hohoho.but these pills are not progesterone are really really low you see.but DOES help for a while.but it made me gained weight (i was 45kg at that time) so i stopped at the age of 18.and so i just let myself 'reproduce' naturally.well,it did.but just for a gap shorten to 3montsh.better,i guess.but as i entered working stress build up every single day.and it made my menses haywired AGAIN.the gap gets bigger up to 6months AGAIN.and when i get my menses,it 30days!lama,kan?

well,i am not worried.i am just concern that as i get older,it will not do good to me :( so until recently,i was adviced by the specialist to try on Diane. (i also refered to my personal doctor,Shila) that it is ok to take the i took it for 3 months.first month was chaotic!i skipped the pills few days (i tend to forget sometimes) and when my menses came,GOSH!! subhanAllah! i had menstrual pain for a week!i skipped work every single day.i can't bare the pain.i hafta take pain killers and sleep.MUST! i sometimes went all pale and sweating trying to hold back the pain.i cried.every single day :( and on the second month,no skipping and all.alhamdulillah,it went back to normal and it did not more does the third month.

but as the fourth month comes,i stopped monitor my menses naturally.Allah Ya Rabbi,it started again.i does not come on time :( i am so i meet the doctor again and explained the whole thing.the doctor told me that it is nothing serious.i just have this symptom of not producing the right amount of eggs (but i'm in the normal range) due to low of progesterone level.i'm glad its not serious.Alhamdulillah.but there are disadvantages.i will be moody most of the time. I DO! :( and i am beyond FIERCE!i was impatient!ya Allah,it really test me! i get irritated easily.and i just ignore people.

so just in case you notice i am not all chirpy churpy all the time nowadays.i wish i am.i was,you see.i am this happy girl who likes to laugh all the time.but when this happen.i can be the bitchest bitch you ever met!:P i don't like being like this.but i am trying my best to ignore the fact that i have to face it every friends,if some of you have a remedy on how to be more patient,calm and at ease when my BLOODY hormones let me know.i would LOVE to know.maybe some surah,maybe some technics,anything.i am more than glad to receive it with an open arms.i'm sure the meds won't help anymore,for now.i might just need to worry on that part later,when i'm planning to get married.heh.

i hope u girls out there understand me.if i DO change lately,i am sorry.i just can't help it.i am happy.but my inner me is not functioning well.please pray for me to recover soon.i know i'm not SICK sick.but maybe some of you remedies will help me become better :) insyaAllah.much love xx

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Monday, September 05, 2011

salam :) how's raya everyone??mine was awesooommee posssuummm!! tahun ni sama macam tahun tahun sebelum ni,sambut raya di kampung halaman.kelantan.seronok!never fails me :) all the kids and the mak bapak and funny old man and woman.i superlove them.and this year,all of my siblings are back in Kelantan :) Abang,Kakak,Abg Amin and nina,Asy, mama and papa :) insyaAllah next year ada tambah ahli :)

and then we have mom's first brother,ayah li.there's little amalin,and her sisters Alia and Anis.and her dad,ayah Li who was Kelantan football player.memang tinggi lampai ayah li.wife pun sama.tinggi and they got all these lovely daughters.tinggi and kurus :)

and there's little asyraf,with his lovely sisters, Shikin, Shikah and Alisha.and ayah ha is our lucky uncle who gets to be one of the Syifa's practitioner and also works in Sony.his wife aunty Win is an engineer in Sony too :)

and there's Cik Sie.the 3rd sister in mom's siblings (mom is eldest) she is a teacher.and his husband,uncle Khairul (handsome kan??) is a teacher too!they have 3 children.Aisyah,Aiman and Aliff :)

and then we have ayah le!my favourite uncle! he stays in Damansara with us.and we had been really really close!closest mom's siblings among all of them (well prolly because all of us staying in Damansara kut :)) and so ayah le works in Bandar Utama as an electrician.And his wife, Kak Ina is an accountant.and their lovely daughters..Syafiqa and Natasha :)

and then we have ayah we.youngest uncle.he too works as an electrician in Klang.and his beautiful wife, Kak Ila is a housewife.with two lovely kids, Dani and Diana.that Dani is sucha funny guy!!

and last but not youngest aunty! mimi :) she's only 2 years older than yeah..hehe..and mimi works in CIMB.and her husband works as an OKU teacher.awesome right??i wish i could learn sign language with him.he rocks! and their lovely son is Adam.very very cute!! and nice hair too! ;)

and to have all these beautiful aunties and uncles.i have a pretty mama tok and handsome tok ayah :) macam gambar baru nak berkenalan! sweet they are..

we missed out one aunty though.we could not get her family picture.but i love her dearly too :) she's an awesome tailor and her husband is a lecturer ;) handsome too! hehe and they have lovely daughters Inani and Ikah,and a handsome son, Hakim :)

that's inani and hakim,though :D

and so this year hari raya was really meaningful to many things happened.but lemme just make another post on for now.i hope u had an awesome raya,cos i did! have an awesome and blessful Syawal.and i hope to see u peeps soon!my tummy is ready for open houses! BRING IT ON!! ;) much love xx

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