Thursday, August 18, 2011

assalamualaikum :) how's Ramadhan so far? mine alhamdulillah.lately sahur pun dah tak makan banyak.makan roti dengan susu je.i do feel hungry but usually it creeped in at the end of the i will head home and lie down.or just go out to get the food prepared for iftar.

recently the kitchen is not smoked (dapur tak berasap) haha!i'm off i just go out at 7pm and head to Alamanda to get food.alhamdulillah last night and tonight,i will be going to iftaar at a friend's,bless them.makan free and jimat duit for me.murah rezeki for them :) talking about jimat duit..i stumbled upon HJ's blog.well,i don't stumbled actually..i had been reading her blog for quite some time now.thanks to ajjah :)

for someone who's planning to get married,you should read her blog.i find it interesting and it really hit u right in your's good for the newly weds too.she talks about how she handle her households, juggling work and being mom and wife at home.i think that's what most of us ladies nowadays are facing with. (reminds me of my darling farah :) ) but this time.she wrote about ukur baju di badan sendiri :) well her title was on how to manage your expenses :) go here HJ credits to her really resourceful entry

so,reflecting to myself.i totally agree with her.i don't mind struggling myself to be IN budget all the time.i was thinking the same thing last Monday,about being constantly struggle.i,myself like to shop.but not all the things are at the price like cuckoo.i know if i buy things i can't afford.i will end up in debts! far, i am not in debts (except for PTPTN) so i am thankful enough to have mom and dad who taught me to buy things that you can only pay!:) it's like not having a credit card at all.i was!for almost 9 years!can u believe it?but recently i got it in case of emergency for work needs me to travel all the freaking time.there's one time i need to go to Perak,Selangor,Melaka in the same month!woww..i is sooo kopak man! :P so yeah,that kind of emergency.

so,when she said about going out and eat with friends kinda stuff.i was like..hmmmm..hahahaha!!that part memang susah sikit.having encik is considered as friends too right? i DO go out with friends and encik every week!so i spend a wee bit more.but with encik is still in my usual expenses.for dinner and watching movie.this month je tak tengok wayang.but then still, we have minimized to two times of movie per month.going out at the usual eat place with rice kinda food.janji kenyang.once in a blue moon,then only we'll go to get some yummy food like TGIF,Gardens,Italiannies,Chillis and no,i dun have money for expensive food :( i never tried Tony Romas,dine in hotels for buffet.i dun eat buffets.small tummy i if go to places i am not used to,i think i will end up regretting.each cent spent! :P

i used to put aside at least RM400 just to go out and eat?? woww..i must be crazy! so i decided to minimize can actually save the money for your big day,Erin.but sekali sekala takpe :) HJ was right when she mentioned about getting higher salary,u will tend to have higher expenses too! *sad* world is just not fair on your side if you're not one of the people who doesn't hafta pay your own car,your own bills,your own house.but it's all about being smart with your money.that's it :) it's ok if takde lebih,but at least cukup.don't berbelanja lebih daripada kemampuan,right? so are u in the same shoes? i dun do other side income's just not me.tak reti satu.tak minat satu :P but i salute to those who rajin nak buat side income tu.good for u :) so peeps.don't judge us having higher salary meaning we have more money,ok.we have lesser! trust me! phone bills,internet bills,groceries,house rent,car,insurance,parents,savings.gosh!that's like half of my salary already!fewh!

so,be smart.don't spend too much just because you wanna be like others.if you can't afford it,just say no.just walk away and feel good about it.sebab yang susah nanti you.JUST YOU ALONE.ok?have a nice day.may Allah bless all of us and semoga dilimpahkan rahmatNya ke atas kita semua.much love xx

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