Tuesday, August 16, 2011

haluu..assalamualaikum :) hows your Ramadhan so far? Mine alhmadulillah..can you believe it? it's already the second week of Ramadhan.and I am already on leave on the 26th August.which is on the next friday! cepatnyaaa!!

and as i told u before..i 'wished' that i won't go out so many times for iftaar right?so far, EVERY WEEK! there must be an iftaar.but i limited myself to at least ONE per week and it's either before maghrib and be back before Isya' for terawih.or just some dessert after the Terawih itself :) and alhamdulillah.i made it so far ;)

talking about Iftaar and outings.everyone needs a GOOOOD camera for GOOOD photos,right?currently i am in love with my Iphone of course! with the instagram and Leme Leme.it's just what i need for a photographs.buttt..i had been eyeing on this Leica for AEONNNSSS!! and Allah knows how much i can't afford that camera.it's just toooo expensive!so i saw this blog where this lady took amazing photos and she just bought the Fujifil FinePix X100.

it works wonder!! you can see the pictures in her blog : kris atomic i loveee all of her photos! and it's raw ok! ;) so here you go! drool over my new baby (soon!insyaAllah) so..buhbye london.i don't think i could visit u in December.i need to buy my baby :P tehee..finger crossed.

till then.will update u with all my iftar photos soon! be nice.it's Ramadhan :) much love xx

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