Friday, August 05, 2011

Assalamualaikum :) how's Ramadhan for the first week? mine was not so bad and yes,i am still struggling to wake up as early as i can for work.i dun mind waking up at 715am or 730am but i won't be getting a parking space by then T___T parking spaces during Ramadhan is really hard to get!! i might be considering taking the bus next's so stressful to get the parking space and to get to the office on time *cries* not only getting the parking space.but also to GET OUT of the parking space, took me 15-30minutes! madness,right?

sometimes i just kill time with fb lah.twitter lah.took pointless pictures lah.thank god ada ip lah kan :) and sometimes it's a bad habit too! i hafta make sure that my car is like a meter away from the car in front.just in case i get too caught up with the multitasking.kang tak pasal2 kena saman :P but the rest of the week of Ramadhan was just fine.alhamdulillah, i can still do my work and not too sleepy during the day. but once the clock strikes 1230pm, this little sleepy head starts to kick in.terus lagu rock-a-by-baby berkumandang.and me is off to la la land.the longest i ever had was 2hours! hahaha sorry boss.i am just too sleepy sometimes.but i do make sure that i wake up at least at i can go for solat and continue my work.

sahur had been preettyy least favorite for me.well,just for the waking up part :P i know it's one of the Sunnah.and you'll get pahala if you wake up and just drink a glass of water.tapi mengantuklahhhh T___T but as a routine,these eyes just went wide awake when the clock strikes little brother and i had been surviving without mom for sahur.well at least for 4 days out of 7 days in a week :P well,in Putrajaya, it's my turn to become 'MOM'. (i miss my mom during sahur..badly!) if it's not for working far away in Putrajaya, i would've just stay at with mom :( (ok enough sappy sad story during so,this 'mom' substitute will wake up at 5.15am and reheated the rice, 'lauks', fried some chickens ; ayamas crispy chicken to be precise (the only thing we can eat for sahur without our eyes closed :P ) and made some milo for lil brother and just low fat milk for me.powdered milk can.not.go :P sometimes if i'm too lazy to eat rice,i'll just take the honey stars with milk.and back to sleep.but usually i will wait for subuh.which is at 5:51am (now 5:52am) and back to sleep by 6am.and i will wake up again around 650am or 7am (terlajak) and rushed to work before 730am.yep,just to get the parking space,remember??

so that's my routine during first week of Ramadhan :) alhamdulillah,so far so good.i am coping up.and weekends are like 'heaven' to all of us right? u will sleeeeeppp and sleeeppp and sleeeppp till almost 12 or 1pm.and took a shower and do whatever you should by 4 or 5pm.if you're still tired, you will go back to sleep right?haha that's me.sometimes i go back to sleep after tiring day of doing nothing :P and woke up by 6pm.solat and take a mom in the kitchen.and prepare food for iftar.

so how about u? so far so good? it's already second week of time flies~ i hope we make full use of Ramadhan. it only comes one in a year,u know. have a nice day.much love xx

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