Monday, August 22, 2011

hello peeps!! subhanAllah!another week had passes by!can u believe it?it's the final week of Ramadhan and what is left is people swarming most of the shopping malls and flea markets.woww!! i was at Jalan TAR on last saturday..lucky us to get there by 10am and the traffic was easy peasy.but the roads were flooded with people.and the weather was a bit warm.we managed to get the kids' songkok and niece's dress and mom's and brothers' baju melayu were also done.alhamdulillah things are done on time.but mom still wanna get another scarf yesterday,but i was not feeling well to get under the hot scorching sun ( i think i caught the fever after going to Jalan TAR) too stuffy and not enough water i guess :( and alhamdulillah.we managed to head home before the place started to be jammed pack!(we saw the traffic started pile up at Jalan Parlimen by the time we head home.erk!)

seeing those people with so much energy in the push through the hassle bustle..why not push a little bit more at night :) in fact you are energized after iftaar right?lets chase after the ibadah at night too..momsie and paps were one of those people.masyaAllah..i am so impressed!at their not so youthful age,they could still do 20 raka'at of tarawih.May Allah bless them :) unfortunate for me,it's the time of the i am left home alone.i do feel a wee bit sad though..i miss doing tarawih with mom.i miss being 'terkejar-terkejar' to the mosque.being in a mosque itself makes me feel so modest.everyone is the same.wearing white wearing very humble baju melayu with old/new kain pelekat.all the datuks tan sris are no longer the powerful people.we were all worshipping the one and only Almighty.subhanAllah..such a peaceful sight :)

and so another week had passes us by.alhamdulillah.i am thankful that i could do the terawih for the first two weeks.but i hope to do it on the last week of Ramadhan too..

"10 akhir Ramadhan adalah merupakan di antara malam-malam yang penuh dengan keberkatan dan kelebihan yang tertentu. Malam-malam ini adalah merupakan malam yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh seluruh orang mukmin. Bulan Ramadhan, Al Quran dan malam Lailatulqadar mempunyai hubungan yang rapat antara satu sama lain sebagaimana yang diterangkan di dalam kitab Allah dan hadis Rasulullah s.a.w. di antaranya firman Allah s.w.t.
Maksudnya: “Sesungguhnya kami menurunkan Al-Quran pada malam Lailatulqadar dan apakah yang menyebabkan engkau mengerti apa itu Lailatulqadar. Lailatulqadar lebih baik daripada 1000 bulan. Pada malam itu, para malaikat dan Jibril turun dengan keizinan daripada Tuhan mereka untuk setiap urusan. Malam ini sejahtera hingga terbit fajar”.

insyaAllah..semoga kita mendapat keberkatanNya.i am heading back to Kelantan for raya this Sunday!ya Allah,i surely can't wait for that too! i could only see mama tok and tok ayah once a year :( so i am definitely not gonna miss this chance.insyaAllah :) how's your Ramadhan so far?final week of Ramadhan, 10 malam terakhir spend with friends or with Yang Maha Esa? :) Wallahualam..just something to ponder..much love xx

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