Sunday, August 28, 2011

Haluuu..subhanAllah..cepat betul masa berlalu..and another couple days to go before Ramadhan gone and leave us :-( as for me..these few days busy nak buat last preparations before balik kampung for raya.annually memang akan keluar berbuka puasa with chunkie and hubby.alhamdulillah encik dapat join arini..although sekejap..but i am super happy to meet chunkie :-) :-) she sudah pakai braces and shoooo cute!!

and mino is always the funny guy.i am glad that nuwen is happily married to him :) bless u!and its my last day to hang out with encik before raya :( but i got schmacking cute kasut raya for that :"> sankyouuu..although sekejap lepak with nuwen,hubby,leeza n encik.that night sempat jumpa farah and fanfan for tutti frutti.salam raya and head back home to continue pack for raya.sedih..dah hujung-hujung Ramadhan ni..rasa sayang and rindu kat kawan-kawan membuak2.rasa kalau ada tersalah kata tersilap laku tu..rasa nak mintak maaf sangat-sangat.kadang-kadang tak sedar.kadang-kadang emo.kadang-kadang menstrual :P tapi most of all..memang dah khilaf diri sendiri.nampak kesalahan orang jauh sebatu.salah diri sendiri depan mata tak nampak.

nak ambil kesempatan ni untuk nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya.Maaf Zahir Batin to all my darling friends.yang rapat.yang dekat.yang jauh.semua saya mohon Farah,Idrina,Via,Shoe,Alia,Azz,Fiza,Kaem,Jid,Lela,Dey,Alang D,Aju,kak Meg,Chacha,Shila,Nuren,Ajin,Hikma,Madine,Denise,Ida punk,Mala,Qoyye,Azna,Dayah,Wawot,Alan,Acai,Aliaa,Lam,Ayuni,Aiffa,Farah Khairina,Shahnaz,Aysha,Dhila,Aliana,Intan Azura,Reenee,Nadhira,Emma,Edd + Emma,Ajah,Nad,Opy,Ecah,Nonon,Siti,Falihan,Daus,Zama,Abg allll yang I tak mention..kita jarang-jarang jumpa.tapi saya ingat kat semua.cuma tak sempat nak jumpa sorang-sorang from time to's either too busy or too selfish with my own life.mintak maaf kalau ada buat sapa-sapa kecik hati,terasa hati,halalkan makan minum saya kalau saya ada terlupa nak bayar.memang terlupa sangat2.sebab saya ni memang PELUPA :P tapi kalau nak suruh saya bayar.bagitau..insyaAllah saya bayar.kalau ada yang saya terambil duit,secara rela atau paksa :P saya harap dihalalkan.kalau nilainya tinggi,bagitau saya supaya boleh bayar balik.saya takut roh tak naik ke langit..nanti :( all in all,despite all the sadness and all the bad things happened between us (whoever you are) i hope you will forgive me and all of you will enjoy your Syawal,as much as I will.and may Allah bless all your kindness to me.i may not able to repay now,but insyaAllah,Allah will definitely repay for every kindness you did to me some day.and specially to my family,u know i'm like dat.i am always the spoil brat who wants everything her way!:P thank you for loving me for who i am as i always love all of u for eternity.insyaAllah..

SELAMAT HARI RAYA,MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.have a blessing Syawal.and cherish every people around you :) much love xx

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Monday, August 22, 2011

hello peeps!! subhanAllah!another week had passes by!can u believe it?it's the final week of Ramadhan and what is left is people swarming most of the shopping malls and flea markets.woww!! i was at Jalan TAR on last saturday..lucky us to get there by 10am and the traffic was easy peasy.but the roads were flooded with people.and the weather was a bit warm.we managed to get the kids' songkok and niece's dress and mom's and brothers' baju melayu were also done.alhamdulillah things are done on time.but mom still wanna get another scarf yesterday,but i was not feeling well to get under the hot scorching sun ( i think i caught the fever after going to Jalan TAR) too stuffy and not enough water i guess :( and alhamdulillah.we managed to head home before the place started to be jammed pack!(we saw the traffic started pile up at Jalan Parlimen by the time we head home.erk!)

seeing those people with so much energy in the push through the hassle bustle..why not push a little bit more at night :) in fact you are energized after iftaar right?lets chase after the ibadah at night too..momsie and paps were one of those people.masyaAllah..i am so impressed!at their not so youthful age,they could still do 20 raka'at of tarawih.May Allah bless them :) unfortunate for me,it's the time of the i am left home alone.i do feel a wee bit sad though..i miss doing tarawih with mom.i miss being 'terkejar-terkejar' to the mosque.being in a mosque itself makes me feel so modest.everyone is the same.wearing white wearing very humble baju melayu with old/new kain pelekat.all the datuks tan sris are no longer the powerful people.we were all worshipping the one and only Almighty.subhanAllah..such a peaceful sight :)

and so another week had passes us by.alhamdulillah.i am thankful that i could do the terawih for the first two weeks.but i hope to do it on the last week of Ramadhan too..

"10 akhir Ramadhan adalah merupakan di antara malam-malam yang penuh dengan keberkatan dan kelebihan yang tertentu. Malam-malam ini adalah merupakan malam yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh seluruh orang mukmin. Bulan Ramadhan, Al Quran dan malam Lailatulqadar mempunyai hubungan yang rapat antara satu sama lain sebagaimana yang diterangkan di dalam kitab Allah dan hadis Rasulullah s.a.w. di antaranya firman Allah s.w.t.
Maksudnya: “Sesungguhnya kami menurunkan Al-Quran pada malam Lailatulqadar dan apakah yang menyebabkan engkau mengerti apa itu Lailatulqadar. Lailatulqadar lebih baik daripada 1000 bulan. Pada malam itu, para malaikat dan Jibril turun dengan keizinan daripada Tuhan mereka untuk setiap urusan. Malam ini sejahtera hingga terbit fajar”.

insyaAllah..semoga kita mendapat keberkatanNya.i am heading back to Kelantan for raya this Sunday!ya Allah,i surely can't wait for that too! i could only see mama tok and tok ayah once a year :( so i am definitely not gonna miss this chance.insyaAllah :) how's your Ramadhan so far?final week of Ramadhan, 10 malam terakhir spend with friends or with Yang Maha Esa? :) Wallahualam..just something to ponder..much love xx

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

assalamualaikum :) how's Ramadhan so far? mine alhamdulillah.lately sahur pun dah tak makan banyak.makan roti dengan susu je.i do feel hungry but usually it creeped in at the end of the i will head home and lie down.or just go out to get the food prepared for iftar.

recently the kitchen is not smoked (dapur tak berasap) haha!i'm off i just go out at 7pm and head to Alamanda to get food.alhamdulillah last night and tonight,i will be going to iftaar at a friend's,bless them.makan free and jimat duit for me.murah rezeki for them :) talking about jimat duit..i stumbled upon HJ's blog.well,i don't stumbled actually..i had been reading her blog for quite some time now.thanks to ajjah :)

for someone who's planning to get married,you should read her blog.i find it interesting and it really hit u right in your's good for the newly weds too.she talks about how she handle her households, juggling work and being mom and wife at home.i think that's what most of us ladies nowadays are facing with. (reminds me of my darling farah :) ) but this time.she wrote about ukur baju di badan sendiri :) well her title was on how to manage your expenses :) go here HJ credits to her really resourceful entry

so,reflecting to myself.i totally agree with her.i don't mind struggling myself to be IN budget all the time.i was thinking the same thing last Monday,about being constantly struggle.i,myself like to shop.but not all the things are at the price like cuckoo.i know if i buy things i can't afford.i will end up in debts! far, i am not in debts (except for PTPTN) so i am thankful enough to have mom and dad who taught me to buy things that you can only pay!:) it's like not having a credit card at all.i was!for almost 9 years!can u believe it?but recently i got it in case of emergency for work needs me to travel all the freaking time.there's one time i need to go to Perak,Selangor,Melaka in the same month!woww..i is sooo kopak man! :P so yeah,that kind of emergency.

so,when she said about going out and eat with friends kinda stuff.i was like..hmmmm..hahahaha!!that part memang susah sikit.having encik is considered as friends too right? i DO go out with friends and encik every week!so i spend a wee bit more.but with encik is still in my usual expenses.for dinner and watching movie.this month je tak tengok wayang.but then still, we have minimized to two times of movie per month.going out at the usual eat place with rice kinda food.janji kenyang.once in a blue moon,then only we'll go to get some yummy food like TGIF,Gardens,Italiannies,Chillis and no,i dun have money for expensive food :( i never tried Tony Romas,dine in hotels for buffet.i dun eat buffets.small tummy i if go to places i am not used to,i think i will end up regretting.each cent spent! :P

i used to put aside at least RM400 just to go out and eat?? woww..i must be crazy! so i decided to minimize can actually save the money for your big day,Erin.but sekali sekala takpe :) HJ was right when she mentioned about getting higher salary,u will tend to have higher expenses too! *sad* world is just not fair on your side if you're not one of the people who doesn't hafta pay your own car,your own bills,your own house.but it's all about being smart with your money.that's it :) it's ok if takde lebih,but at least cukup.don't berbelanja lebih daripada kemampuan,right? so are u in the same shoes? i dun do other side income's just not me.tak reti satu.tak minat satu :P but i salute to those who rajin nak buat side income tu.good for u :) so peeps.don't judge us having higher salary meaning we have more money,ok.we have lesser! trust me! phone bills,internet bills,groceries,house rent,car,insurance,parents,savings.gosh!that's like half of my salary already!fewh!

so,be smart.don't spend too much just because you wanna be like others.if you can't afford it,just say no.just walk away and feel good about it.sebab yang susah nanti you.JUST YOU ALONE.ok?have a nice day.may Allah bless all of us and semoga dilimpahkan rahmatNya ke atas kita semua.much love xx

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

love love xx

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

haluu..assalamualaikum :) hows your Ramadhan so far? Mine alhmadulillah..can you believe it? it's already the second week of Ramadhan.and I am already on leave on the 26th August.which is on the next friday! cepatnyaaa!!

and as i told u before..i 'wished' that i won't go out so many times for iftaar right?so far, EVERY WEEK! there must be an iftaar.but i limited myself to at least ONE per week and it's either before maghrib and be back before Isya' for terawih.or just some dessert after the Terawih itself :) and alhamdulillah.i made it so far ;)

talking about Iftaar and outings.everyone needs a GOOOOD camera for GOOOD photos,right?currently i am in love with my Iphone of course! with the instagram and Leme's just what i need for a photographs.buttt..i had been eyeing on this Leica for AEONNNSSS!! and Allah knows how much i can't afford that's just toooo expensive!so i saw this blog where this lady took amazing photos and she just bought the Fujifil FinePix X100.

it works wonder!! you can see the pictures in her blog : kris atomic i loveee all of her photos! and it's raw ok! ;) so here you go! drool over my new baby (soon!insyaAllah) so..buhbye london.i don't think i could visit u in December.i need to buy my baby :P tehee..finger crossed.

till then.will update u with all my iftar photos soon! be's Ramadhan :) much love xx

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Assalamualaikum :) how's Ramadhan for the first week? mine was not so bad and yes,i am still struggling to wake up as early as i can for work.i dun mind waking up at 715am or 730am but i won't be getting a parking space by then T___T parking spaces during Ramadhan is really hard to get!! i might be considering taking the bus next's so stressful to get the parking space and to get to the office on time *cries* not only getting the parking space.but also to GET OUT of the parking space, took me 15-30minutes! madness,right?

sometimes i just kill time with fb lah.twitter lah.took pointless pictures lah.thank god ada ip lah kan :) and sometimes it's a bad habit too! i hafta make sure that my car is like a meter away from the car in front.just in case i get too caught up with the multitasking.kang tak pasal2 kena saman :P but the rest of the week of Ramadhan was just fine.alhamdulillah, i can still do my work and not too sleepy during the day. but once the clock strikes 1230pm, this little sleepy head starts to kick in.terus lagu rock-a-by-baby berkumandang.and me is off to la la land.the longest i ever had was 2hours! hahaha sorry boss.i am just too sleepy sometimes.but i do make sure that i wake up at least at i can go for solat and continue my work.

sahur had been preettyy least favorite for me.well,just for the waking up part :P i know it's one of the Sunnah.and you'll get pahala if you wake up and just drink a glass of water.tapi mengantuklahhhh T___T but as a routine,these eyes just went wide awake when the clock strikes little brother and i had been surviving without mom for sahur.well at least for 4 days out of 7 days in a week :P well,in Putrajaya, it's my turn to become 'MOM'. (i miss my mom during sahur..badly!) if it's not for working far away in Putrajaya, i would've just stay at with mom :( (ok enough sappy sad story during so,this 'mom' substitute will wake up at 5.15am and reheated the rice, 'lauks', fried some chickens ; ayamas crispy chicken to be precise (the only thing we can eat for sahur without our eyes closed :P ) and made some milo for lil brother and just low fat milk for me.powdered milk can.not.go :P sometimes if i'm too lazy to eat rice,i'll just take the honey stars with milk.and back to sleep.but usually i will wait for subuh.which is at 5:51am (now 5:52am) and back to sleep by 6am.and i will wake up again around 650am or 7am (terlajak) and rushed to work before 730am.yep,just to get the parking space,remember??

so that's my routine during first week of Ramadhan :) alhamdulillah,so far so good.i am coping up.and weekends are like 'heaven' to all of us right? u will sleeeeeppp and sleeeppp and sleeeppp till almost 12 or 1pm.and took a shower and do whatever you should by 4 or 5pm.if you're still tired, you will go back to sleep right?haha that's me.sometimes i go back to sleep after tiring day of doing nothing :P and woke up by 6pm.solat and take a mom in the kitchen.and prepare food for iftar.

so how about u? so far so good? it's already second week of time flies~ i hope we make full use of Ramadhan. it only comes one in a year,u know. have a nice day.much love xx

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