Sunday, July 24, 2011

on last 5th of July.yes,that drama queen turns 23! *uhuk*uhuk* (bukan umur sebenar ;P) well her birthday was on the 2nd we held her post birthday bash on the 5th at Fatspoon Cafe :) took loads of pictures.but i forgot to save them since i was only using my trusted iphone (it was the 2nd day of using tak reti.LOL) and i was rushing from a wedding to her birthday.i kinda forgot to bring my big guns :P berat, yeah..buttt..she was the happiest girl on that day! the day before,we went to hang around at Fatspoon to look at the place to held the small party.thanks to Nurvia and Chelle for the usual lepak a.k.a party place, Fat Spoon Cafe.

the day before

running some errands calling here and turned out well :) so here's birthday girl and the people who made it happened! big hug to dey ♥, aju and alang d and the whole Tumin family ;) u guys rock!!

last but not least, to all the girls who came! thank u for making her big day a great one.i hope u guys had a great time..i bet she had a great time too! ;)

and so she blew her 23 candles that Chelle puts! hehe (ok i am still sad that i took amazing pictures while she's blowing the candle.but turned out i did not save it!urghhh!! so i curik ateh's picture instead to put here :p)

ok.there u go! ;) see..her's always 23,i if people ask u how old is she..just let them know..she's old enough to get married.he he he.just i'm craving for Fatspoon's Spicy Beef Macaroni looking at these pictures :P have a nice weekend peeps! another week till Ramadhan.insyaAllah.much love xx

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