Tuesday, July 19, 2011

haluu..how was ur weekend?? mine was the awesomest of all! alhamdulillah..i am a happy girl for almost a month now.i dunno where to start! :D i was so overwhelmed and it truly made my day!

so,my post birthday celebrations! :D hee..yes, we are still talking about my birthday.hehe..i am still in lala land.in fact i still get birthday gifts! :D haihh..i am soo spoilt!heheheh..so on last weekend,my darling girls (yes u know who u are,lalings!) held me the sweeetest birthday gift ever.it was the best! (i am still smiling from the post party..tehee ^___^ )

on saturday i went out with ajjah and nad to +wm catching ups.got my leaning pisa miniature! thanks ajjah ♥ and nad accompany me to find a dress for my dinner date with the girls! omagad,macam first time nak dating! hehehe..but we went up and down the stairs at the boutiques around uptown (if you drive around uptown damansara,u can see many boutiques above most of the shoplots) boy,i was 'rambang mata' looking for the right dress! there's so many beautiful dresses but i just wanna wear something casual and yet,me! hehe..i wish i could wear dresses..but i am too small (a.k.a short for dresses) :P so finally we found something!! yeayy!! at first i wasn't confident enough to buy the long shirt.but after nad insisted me,knowing her sense of fashion ;) so i bought it.and it did look nice on me ;) and so..the next day was the day i was soo looking forward too!! i was all excited and i can't wait for night to come. to meet the girls!!

so at 8, via picked me up.we were the birthday girl for the night.we were soooo thrilled (gosh!we were overwhelmed!!) so we arrived at Monte's, BSC.entered the restaurant..and the girls were all dressed up! looking pretty and boy,we were so happy to see them :):) suka!!! there were Azz, Nadz, Id, and shoe + Adib.and fanfan,our little boy was there too!looking so handsome!! i tell you :):) and so we were seated and ordered the food..

eating and chatting.the food was sooo nice!! and super duper yummy!! i had fettucini carbonara.nomnomnom.so yummyy!!but little tummy could not finish it all up :P but i ate 3/4 of the plate.gosh!bloated!!! :D heee..and we exchanged gifts!thanks to all the gifts and we were smiling all night! :):):) and then we had a surprise birthday cake!! the yummiest cake i ever tasted by Just Heavenly. (THANKS GIRLS!!) and we took loads and loads of photos!we really had a great time! love u long time girls!sayannnnnggg uols :)

so here are picture of us..my breakfast clan,my shoulder to lean on.through thick n thin.my lalings! ♥ so enjoy the rest of the pictures! :)

the lovely place, Monte's BSC
the master mind 1 : farah ♥

the master mind 2 : bluebird!! ♥

and lovely helpers..the rest of the lalings!
azz! ♥

syuhana!! ♥

and there were two BOYS! big boy, ADIB and little boy,irfan! :)

and the yummy foodeehhh

and my happy people!! love u long time babes!!

and to wrap up the night.a picture of us in front of the beautiful restaurant. thank u girls!! i am so happy that night. (i even slept in late,feeling content :P) love u long time xoxo a happy Birthday girl ;)

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