Thursday, July 28, 2011's your preparation for Ramadhan? as for me..i had been super busy 'ganti puasa'.racing myself towards Ramadhan.and has been 8 days today.and i have another 2 days to go.and boy,it was really crazy!! i had been fasting on outing with friends during the day.and i had been having honey stars for sahur for the past week!alhamdulillah..i think it makes me full the whole day :)

talking about Ramadhan.our block's administration is really giving us a hard time right now.recently we could not park at the basement unless we have the sticker to enter.what?? that's like bullocks! dah nak dekat puasa ni derang buat hal plak! so us,the people who doesn't have the stickers were raking our heads out to figure out where to park. well,there's an option of parking at the back of the building which is 5-8minutes walk to OUR building (we're in a clustering building so our block is way at the front and the parking space is at the back of another building) so we shared the parking space with another 8blocks which is in the same cluster.crazy right? and there's only one way in and out of the parking can u imagine?the traffic is MADNESS!! u punched card at 5.and u could only get out of the parking space at 530!! that's like 30minutes of just trying to get out of the building!! madness right??

and so for the past week,yours truly has not been sleeping well.tido pukul 1 nak kena bangun kol 5.sorang sorang plak tu.pastu sahur.solat.tido balik.end up kena bangun balik pukul 650.i hafta do the same routine for a week now.and boy,i dun get enough sleep! when the clock strikes 1230pm.i will automatically put my head on the worktable and dozeeee offf!! for almost an hour! :P boy,HEAVEN!! and come to think about it,it's like a practice for Ramadhan. at least i've practiced to wake up superrr early for sahur (i'm gonna face Ramadhan with just my little mam and dad.sad..) and it's either go back to sleep or stay awake and end up sleepy during work.hmmm..i'm still juggling..i dunno.i just hope that i'll figure out by then.

sedar tak sedar..lagi 3 hari je dah nak masuk Ramadhan.sedih and happy.sedih sebab cepat betul masa berlalu..dah masuk Ramadhan.what have i done for the past year to improve my Ramadhan this year? sedih sebab rasanya tahun lepas tak dapat bertadarus bersama-sama mama.dulu time belajar,balik cuti sem boleh tadarus dengan mama.tahun ni,bertadarus kat office jelah.and i am definitely happy to celebrate Ramadhan as i have been waiting for a year to get the opportunity to solat tarawih and going to the mosque with mama and papa.rindunyaa..and then having a nice moreh (ehem2) and iftar with family and friends.for me,this year, i wanna go out lesser.kenapa bulan Ramadhan baru nak keluar dinner dengan kawan2? kenapa tak makan malam-malam biasa? bukan ke kalau keluar buka puasa kat luar nanti terkejar-kejar nak solat Maghrib.lepas tu solat tarawih confirm tercicir.from my experience last year..mam dah awal2 pesan,kalau nak buka puasa kena balik before isya' sebab nak solat tarawih kat masjid.tahun ni harap-harapnya dapatlah capai matlamat Ramadhan.nak puasa penuh (insyaAllah) dan solat tarawih.sendiri pun takpalah.kat apartment ni ada surau.tapi takde geng.harap2 saya dapat memberanikan diri pegi sorang2 :) insyaAllah..

so,what's your preparation for Ramadhan? dah habis ganti puasa? dah habis bayar fidyah? jangan lupa untuk bersederhana ya..jangan plak pegi bazaar ramadhan tangan kosong,balik penuh plastik bag yang tak tahu ape ada dalamnya.semua benda nak beli :P saya tahun ni insyaAllah nak bersederhana.makan berbuka pun maybe hujung2 bulan (tahun ni ada satu awal bulan sebab ada kesayangan's leaving us for a month over! sobsob) so,lets make our Ramadhan better than the previous ones.insyaAllah.selamat berpuasa.and don't forget..bertadarus serta bersedekah :) have a blessful Ramadhan peeps.much love xx

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