Sunday, July 10, 2011

helo! alhamdulillah i am still in my happy and hoppy mood all month long!so i put on my birthday dress today (its not a dress though) and put on some nice smell.and head off for my post birthday celebration with encik :D we went to get my first birthday cake! ♥ boy it's the yummiest cake i ever tasted! and it just completes it all :)

well,as most of you peeps know (ok,if you don't know..i'll let u know ;P ) two weeks ago,yours truly celebrated her 27th birthday! yes, she is not that still in her early twenties phase..i am soon entering *uhuk*uhuk* 3(whatever number u wanna put after).but lets not spoil the mood just yet :P

well,for start.i got LOADS of gifts from my darling ones.thank u lovelies! i feel loved!! :) :) :) big grinnnn..and of course i got most of my dream gifts too! (sayang uols!:P) my first gift was from encik.he gave me,this white little heart throb which i can't stop looking at it every single day :) it's love at first sight!well it's the second sight lah kan.sebab dah tau dia nak bagi apa!hahaha

and then,the second gift was this other white thing :) well,of course! my very own white iphone 4 :) it's just what i've been looking for!to get it,boy,u don't have any idea! ;) but alhamdulillah..hehe..

and then i got this cute little gift from my mom and dad (and big bro :)) it's this lovely bag ♥

boy i am loving the details!i saw it during the eurotrip.i even bought it for my friends.but suddenly i feel like having one too:P just one cute little bag..(encik said it doesn't look like any bags from London or Paris.pfft!what do guys know about bags??:P) and i got a watch from my other sayangs,azz :)

i love the details on the watch!it has this somewhat like batek but i love it!so classy! :) thanks azz!! ♥ ♥ and i went to drop by and meet this other sayangs of mine to send her scarves to her! :P and she was unwell..but look what did she do to herself?? :P

she was overwhelmed to get all her scarves!! :P and look what she got for me??

the sweeetesttt smell ever!! (this is my favourite!! i can't leave the house without putting it on!) she knows my smell very well!:P thanks nadz!! ♥ i really love it!! woww!! i was soo spoilt on my B-day :D and then the rest of the week just went just the way i want it.encik treated me for my birthday dinner.lama tak makan itu jelah yang saya teringin nak makan.hehe

sedap wooo..lama tak makan ayam peri peri ni! heee..thanks syg ♥ and then,old friend's treating lunch.and meet up some girls from hartamas.miss them!!we're iphone buddies funny that we're all parts away..but still keeping in touch and making fun of each other thru whatsapp! (ok nonon is the worst!she kacau all of us at work all the time!!) i ♥ ♥ ♥ them!! and bebot bought me my birthday cupcakes from bijoux and a l'occitane's cherie perfume concrete !! :)

and siti treated us early dinner at black canyon!yeayyy!!thanks siti! (orang naik gaji lah katakannn..)

thank u lovelies!! :):):) and the rest of the week was just me and melaka and bought myself (again) another post birthday gift :P

so yeah.that's it.i am done (i still have pending gifts i guess:P) but i did have a great time peeps.u really made my month!! i am blessed and i will do the same thing to u too can i repay u back right :) so,next week will be another dinner with friends.and i hafta stop getting too much treats.haha! i might need to run the mill a couple of miles more :P thank u lovelies.u truly made me a happy 27 year old girl ;) and i did have a great time too!so many things to post up.but will do soon.have a nice weekend everyone!much love xx

p/s: will update on lilo's bday celebration and the rest of the week :) xx

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