Wednesday, June 22, 2011

halo.just got back from Ipoh.these few weeks are hectic.and i am not well.again.i think i'm having a bad cough.and encik is being super busy.everyone pun i might just head back and sleep.and rest.well, me, myself.i am fine.i was all hippie happy this morning but this afternoon, all of the sudden.i have bad headache.tummy is not being at it's best.and this body temperature is starting to climb up again.i've popped some paracetamols so i hope it'll subside.i guess my body says "i'm tired.please get a good rest!" *sigh* seriously, i just wanna be healthy again and do my work without dragging my feet or even myself to work.i wanna get things done! i need to get things done.

Please Allah, i just need the pinkest of health right now.until my birthday come :D hee..hope u peeps are doing fine alright :) i will update more.for the time being, i'll just talk to the moon.i miss encik.i miss my mom :(

have a nice day!much love xx

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