Sunday, June 12, 2011

helo!how was ur weekend? mine is laziest and i love it! ;) and i was browsing photos from Eurotrip.and boy,i feel like i wanna go back to all the places again! (buggers!) i've told you about the pick pockets in Paris..but the city was just as beauty as i imagined it to be..and i could not neglect how beautiful is the city that makes me fall in love all over again..

first stop when we arrived in Paris is Eiffel Tower! :) please please buy tickets online or in advanced if you're going to go up the tower.its much more hassle free.we arrived quite late due to the Thalys delay,but as we arrived..the guard was really kind to let us in.because the 10.30am ticket holder were already in the tower and getting up the elevator. alhamdulillah, we bought the online ticket.and we went straight through the crowd.onto the elevator :)

ma,jom kita berlakon buat2 tengok handphone ma :P

map metro penyelamat perjalanan kami.won't get u lost ;)

on the way to Paris on Thalys.kaem has to sit at another coach because she bought the ticket a lil bit later than kesian her..hafta be alone and NO IPOD! i bet she's bored to death! :P and we arrived!! and reunited again with Kaem at the Paris Du Nord.and rushing ourselves just to get on the right train.arrive at the Eiffel Tower on we took the Metro and off to Champs de Mars!

and we're up!! the view from up here is boy!! amazinnngggg!! and subhanAllah..i've always wanted to be on eiffel tower.and i stil can't believe it! the beauty of the structure.and the scenery from the top is stupendous!! ♥ more pictures! enjoy! ;)

after having fun taking photos under the scorching sun! boy! we are sweating liek a pig.ok not so sweaty lah.but then we headed for some cooling ambiance.and off for shopping :D

and last but not least is..Palais-Royal Musee du Louvre!! :)

woww!! pictures overload again! hehe..but i love the beautiful structures.i think there's many other places i planned to go.but i guess i need few more days next time.we were there for only 8hours.we were tired for even 5hours while we were there :P barely eaten anything!too excited to explore.but yeah,definitely coming next time.insyaAllah.and that's all for are all in my Paris album in FB :) i hope u enjoy looking at the pictures.and last but not least.two final days in London coming up soon! have a nice weekend! much love xx

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