Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm feeling much better today.well a slight cough here and there :( but i'm ok.might thinking of going to the gym's been two weeks (does walking up and down the stairs and morning walk on saturdays considered as working out?:P) oh well..i guess my body was telling me to get my ass back to gym.hence the health.dia pun merajuk.he he..

i'm off to Kuching this Sunday. (again) sigh..i can't wait to get done and over with this roll out.i'm mentally and physically tired.huhu..poor erin.but i love my job :) i get to travel and claim! thing about going outstation is the claim :P we got paid for everything,but we hafta use our own money first yeah,we can be super broke going outstations.but coming back from it,we're rich! (sekejap je..) LOL but it's fun! i get to drive. i get to take a two hours flight.or just being paid for our right? but being in this field..i am tired of going to meetings.we have like HUNDREDS of meeting! (we might reach thousands once i'm older i guess) but the bright side is..going back at! ;) but i need a gap.i had been traveling for the past two months.i guess my body's telling me to take a rest.go to the beach and enjoy the sun and get sunburned ;) haih..i might reconsider dad's proposal of going to KK next month.hmm.. ;)

i'm going to watch the premiering of Sekali Lagi tonight with nuwen and hubby.and of course my encik ;) nuwen got free VIP tickets so we get to sit in the same hall with the actors! wee..can't wait to bump into Lisa :) and Sam (auw!!) and Bront Palarae?? (double awooohhh!!)

oh oh! and guess who's birthday coming soon next week? *ehem*ehem* counting days! another 6 days to go.heee :D have a nice day peeps!much love xx

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