Thursday, June 09, 2011

bon jour.hehe ..i'm getting to my Paris mode ;) and thank youuuu so much to all who's been commenting on my previous post. *blush*blush* buat segan je :D but thanks for all the prayers.i pray for the same thing too.aminn..insyaAllah :)

and so, go on with the next post on my Eurotrip. it's Paris,oh la la! ♥ two amazing days in Delft was really worth it.but we just don't get enough of Holland yet :P dad's wanna come again for next spring.insyaAllah.we'll see :) but the side track we did on our Eurotrip was to stop by for a day in Paris.weeee~

we did not plan to go to Paris at the first place.but boy, when will be the next time?it's like 'alang-alang' :D so we bought Thalys tickets to get to Paris from Rotterdam Centraal.and it's not that cheap! but I think it's worth it if you're heading to the City of Love :) the journey took 2hours from Rotterdam.and the train was delayed.which then caused us to rush at the Paris Du Nord station to get ourselves to Eiffel Tower on time! well, let me tell you few things you need to do if you're in Paris ( or France)

A traveler bug like me, i love adventures.i love to explore the city myself.i love to study the the landmark so that i won't get know the amount of money to be in the best positive mood when travelling.because u will get tired from walking,going up and down the stairs.and the boy!woohhh!! i did not know that Paris could be soooo hottt!! and so,firstly, u need to plan, where you wanna go. well, since my time in Paris was only 9 hours. (yep,that short!) so i will try my best to make full use of the time. So i need to make sure that we get everything on time.we need to know the time we that we will arrive in Paris.which station should we arrive at.which train to take.which stations will stop to get to places that we want to go.those kind of things make me giddy and excited,you see.i love to be adventurous.and being precise :P and alhamdulillah.with the Metro Map, no tourist guide. simple french and perfect english (duhhh!!) hehe..we did not get lost! :) all you have to do is ask.the person at the ticket counter will let u know which station to go if you have list of places you've planned to go ;) plan wisely ok! :)

but one silly mistake though was that we were not aware of what awaits us in Paris :( u will plan to go to places you want..get there on be on the right train and stuffs.but we did not know that we have to be aware that there were sooooo many pick pockets in Paris. (which a bit frustrating though..i have no idea that the place could be so dangerous)

well, in our was really really unexpected.well,we saw this one guy while we were going up the eiffel tower.well,he was looking at us with this look like he never seen muslims with hijab,you we just ignored the look.and when we went up the eiffel.we were lurking around the 'wall of fame' area.getting excited to put our signature there.out of sudden, the same guy was actually pushing for no reason.something like 'harassing' but not in the pervert mom was feeling a bit uncomfortable.but out of the sudden, the man was actually sliding his fingers at the zipper of my mom's dad was actually holding the bag and dad did not even noticed mom was shouting at dad and pointing out at the guy.and i was so angry! i shouted "hey!! what are u doing??" i was close to shrieking! and the man was shocked and he moved away.pretending innocent.huh! boy, my legs were shivering! :( scared the hell out of me!i bet it scared the hell out of him too! huh.

and the second time was while we were in the train.well, blimey.we did not realized that the pick pocketer actually AIM sling bags! and mom was wearing sling bag at that time.long story short..she was,again, picked pocket. :'( it made me have this bad impression on the people in Paris. i know, they might not be the Parisian themselves..but it just made us feel insecure. and we could not even enjoy our trip in Paris.sad sad made me wanna cry to see mom's sad face when the 'pencopek' took her money :( people out there.if you go to Europe.may it be Paris or even Italy. please be careful. they're everywhere.well,u can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of the place.but please don't forget your bags.don't get too excited and realizing u lost your wallets or even your PASSPORT.

however, you can still enjoy Paris :) it will always be the city of love ♥ looking at the eiffel tower, subhanAllah.u will fall in's like love at first sight.if you stayed longer, for a day or can stroll along the sienne river and take a boat cruising along the river.or u can sit at the small cute cafes, having a nice cup of tea while sipping to the smell of yummy pastries. oh la la! what a great feeling ♥ and at night, you could walk at the park near the Trocadero and catch the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower at night. *love*

whoopsie! i have not even post the pictures yet! ;P oh well,i will.on the next post ok! i just want to give you the brief introduction of Paris :) wait till you see the pictures..i bet you will want come to Paris right away! :D hehe..will update soon ok! much revoir ;) xx

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