Thursday, June 30, 2011

morning!i'm early today.yes,like yesterday.i was asleep at 1am.i dunno why was i not sleeping at that wee hours.and i woke up without the alarm set!i woke up right at 6am.solat and tried hard to went back to sleep.but heart was skipping a beat.excited and all pumped up.i was stoked! :) :) it's my birthday! i was all good mood the whole day! i had hundreds of wishes on facebook!and i knew all of them. (not just from random people who added me just because we have mutual friends and they have birthday alarm on fb) pfft!! i am blessed. thank you very much dear truly made my day.but i will make a proper post on my birthday.i have a long list to put!;) i made my vows on 29.6.2011.this year, i decided to change a better person insyaAllah :) amin yarab.and yes,i feel loved! :)

thanks to facebook.well,facebook and me are friends wayyy back in 2004.i first met Facebook when i was in Japan!i was introduced to FB (as all of us call it;) ) by a Canadian friend, Andrew Matthes (holllaaa!) he and i are always competing in class on who's better in Japanese. of course I'm always the first in class.haha!(5years japanese basic and another 1yr in Uni,i must be dumb if i still suck in so yeah,at first..i was like.."WHHHAAATTT??" how the hell am i supposed to use this!it's so boring bla bla bla..i was really tight with 'Friendster' back then ;) i always decorate my page with funky background.different songs for different week.boy,i was addicted to Friendster. LOL.but FB started to sneak me away from we get older *uhuk*uhuk* all those weird backgrounds,funky songs start to bore u. u just want simple 'corporate' looking social network.which even better, u can add school friend by connecting to 'Who goes to the same school' with u! or University or even living in the same area!boy,this Zuckerberg is radddd!!

his genius mind could relate u to every single thing around u!which end u up with a person u really know! and that person will lead u to another person which will lead u to another person which is wayyyy at the other end of the world and will lead u to another person who you've long lost contacted! boy! the next thing you know..all of your friends are from the same circle of friends! and the world seem smaller to you! you can actually connect the dots and you will make a complete dots connecting from all over the globe!that is WOWWWW right?? if you watch the social network,it all make sense! i mean, if you can relate everyone to everything in everywhere! you're like the BOMB man! you're the MAN! i salute you!

tell me this. does not FB gives you like HUMONGOUS range of friends?how can 800++ people or (friends) could be on your list and you know them all?? (blimey,but i ACTUALLY knew all of the friends in my list.i've talked and met them!) they're not just my social network of friends.they ARE my friends :) so yeah,thanks to FB.people will always keep me updated with what's new with their baby born.or even family getaways! i love looking at the pictures and looking at the happy faces which reminds me of how warm was i to be around them or even to just know them.each and every of them have good memories with me.may it bad or good.i will always look back and's really nice to stay connected to people right? i have a friend,whom i met in Japan.whom i met ONCE,but we're like soo close.i met her in a Kabuki (a japanese theater) and we wrote notes just to get to know each other!hehe thanks to my unique appearance! (wearing hijab in Japan is rare!) so she was interested to know of what and which culture i was from.and guess what? her grandfather was married to a Malaysian! and she's a Dutch!and her mom is a Japanese!talking about cross culture i say!

so yeah,'s all in a of your life ;) and that book will always become thicker and thicker and it will become so heavy that it makes your heart feel so hard to let them i right? :) have a nice day.and may Allah bless all of each and everything that we do!insyaAllah.much love xx

p.s : noobface is a type of virus btw.haha.i laughed when i was introduced to this.their website spells out the facebook.but inverted.i still don't get it,where does the n come from.but the site is actually an application which can suck all your information in the internet!so be careful with every personal pictures or information that you put on the internet ok ;)

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