Friday, June 17, 2011

hello people.i was down with fever on off on tuesday.staying *healthy* on wednesday.getting sick again on thursday (from too much eating during the small much of 'small' that i ended up feeling full the rest of the day) and so today.i am 'still' unwell.i guess it's the leftover of the flu which i still have a wee bit of coughing and blocked nose.pfftt! but i hope it'll get well once i'm going to Perak this Sunday.

and hey! i still owe you another two post on my last stay in is still!FULL OF FUN!! and shopping! we reached from Paris around 830pm in London.we were all tired with the unfortunate events.but thankful at the same time :) we had the chance to be in Paris,man!how cool can that be! but maybe next time, we need to stay longer :) so on the 18th,we arrived London at night.dragged our bag all the way from the Mile End tube to Aju + Lela's's so nice to feel like home when u're with our very tiring day..we head home.went straight to bed. boy,we're FLAT LIKE A TYRE! :P

so woke up fresh the next moring.rush to get our train to Bicester Village.haha.yes,mom still wanna go to Bicester. (tak puas hati katanya :P) but the tickets were much more expensive! it cost us 60pounds ++ so,we decided to bail Bicester and head off to Knightsbridge for Harrods :)

hi mama papa! ♥
and we head to Picadilly Circus to meet pretty Awin! ♥ and boy,it's been ages since i met her! lets just say since i left school! :P and so she accompanied us to everywhere we went! we had lunch at Edgware Road and walk around Covent Garden! :) boy, i loveee Covent Garden! so pretty! =)

then again,i'm spamming my blog with loads of pictures :P hehe..and sooo..after having and awin went to walk around to get my perfumes and we end up having caramel frappucino at her favourite starbuck :) it was really pretty and nice ambiance.i like it's like a library (ahhh..i miss awin already!) i miss talking to her.and goggling over her pandora.hehe..she was really a good company that day.she came all the way from Bristol! that's like 2hours by bus! and she came BY BUS!! mind you.thanks awin! insyaAllah i will visit u in Bristol some day.and so the end of second last day in London.with smile across my face.i definitely having a good time in London. much love xx

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