Tuesday, May 03, 2011

my labour day's holiday was really really fun!well,start of with ajjah's wedding on the 30th april (will update that soon) and my darling Aliaa's BIG day!! we do know that she's gonna be one of us who will get hitched first.and she did!! i bet Yasmin and Ranjini will cry if they were that at the ceremony :) well we started off with her nikah day.which was a wee bit funny incident happened :P

i just got back from Azzah's wedding in Perak.and reached KL somewhere aroun 630pm.reached KL Sentral.waited for encik to pick me up.and head back to Putrajaya.it was 10pm.and i was still tired from the travelling.but i am just so lonely being in the apartment :P so i took my car keys and head back to TTDI (wait for it..there's a link to this story above :P ) so i was in TTDI.on 1st of May.Aliaa's nikah day.my baju kurung and Lava's supposed to be Baju Kurung is in Putrajaya.so, Lava came and picked me up.with Lam.and we pushed off 'back' to Putrajaya at 930.reached at 10am.half an hour before the nikah,when i realized!!! i left my apartment keys at TTDI!!! goshh!!with no baju kurung,and nothing to wear!! lucky me,Lam has an extra baju kurung INSIDE her car! (siapa yang Melayu sekarang nih?? LOL) so i wore her oversized baju kurung (she's MUCH MUCH taller than me) and Lav wore her mom's old baju kurung.which turned out to be SOOOO PRETTY on her!seriously :) so there were we..in unintended baju kurung and fyi..that baju kurung i wore was a wee bit toot.ya Allah.gladly i'm wearing a scarf lah kan :P can cover wan!hahahahahha!! adehhh..but alhamdulillah.the day turned out well.and with one lafaz.Imran and Aliaa is a husband and wife on the 1.5.11 :)

and yesterday was her reception at the Tropicana Golf Club. It was the best night ever! we had this whole table with all our classmates! i am blessed! there's aki,zul,alan,aliana,ezan,lava,lam,izal,me and encik :) it was the best table i tell you! the crowd was so funny when the mc cum singer for the night came to our table and sang at ALAN!! ROFL!! and the videographer was OHSOMEEE!!! mannn i tell you! we had this osomest! video on aliaa and imran's biography! they had this snippets of world known celebrities like will farrel,denzel washington,scarlett johanson,george clooney.mark walberg! gosh u name it!! they made this snippest as if the celebs were friends with aliaa and imran.so they will comment on their relationships and how they were as friends.super hillarious! i wish they have it on youtube so all of you can see it ;) but it was super funny!! everyone was laughing and having a great time watching the video :P

we had great fun at the wedding babe! u look gorgeous as ever and i am happy for you babesie! and ehem2..hurry up plan for u little cute aliaa and imran ok! may Allah bless both of you.next stop!! LAM + IZAL! ♥ much love xx

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