Thursday, May 26, 2011

halo!! it's been ages since i last updated my blog!fewh! for the past week, i was away from a hot climate country to a very cooling country.hehe yep, i went off to Europe for a week getaway with my parents. the flight was fine.although we barely sleep due to a boy who is just sooo restless!!i think he only sleeps for 2hours out of 14 hours!! and at least we could have the yummiest flight chicken lasagna.yumyum!! we hardly sleep due to the excitement either!hahaha..oh well the 14hours seems forever! and it was also my first experience of praying on board.solat duduk :) (that's for travelling with my parents.they will always make sure i did not leave my solat) alhamdulillah.after a veryyyyyy longgg day light all the way flight!we finally arrived in Stansted Airport at 4pm London time.and that is 11pm Malaysian Time.boy!we were soooo ting tong i tell u!! as soon as we arrived at the airport.there was my name on the board.BIG AND LOUD!haha "Ms NUR ZAIREEN ADNAN" hehehe..terasa glamour kejap.LOL

first start off was to Mile End,London to visit Aju, Lela's sister. thank you very much to let us stay at their humble cute crib! feels like home! feels like LELA!hehehe..but it was really really comfy! and i am grateful that we had a place to stay while we were in London.Despite Aju's having her final year exam. we definitely spoil her with yummy food and keeping her accompany.we tried our best not to talk to her or kacau her during her revision.FINAL EXAMS kutt!! hehe but she doesn't mind at all!in fact,she could study with the tv on! we tried not to talk to her either.but oh well,she insisted it ;P safely arrived at Mile End at 5pm.called azz.and planned up to meet for dinner at 8.the 14hours of flight really tires me i took a nap at the couch.and woke up after 2 hours! :P

azz came at 8ish and had lebanese dinner near the was almost 9pm and my head was already ting tong because by then,it's already 3am in Malaysia T___T and we need to sleep early so that we could get all energized up for the next day! BICESTER VILLAGEEEE!! here we comeee!! but guess what??as soon as we entered bicester village..we are ONNN BABYYYY!!

glad that azz was with us the whole seven hours! yep,u heard me right! SEVEN straight hours of shopping!! definitely coming back time ;) and after the tiring walk at the Bicester Village.we headed off to MSD for some proper malay meal.ahhh..i really miss teh ais santai at that point!we headed to MSD, and the path along the way was realllyyy homely.hehe..we were greeted by sprinkle of spring of pansies and daisies :) that's what i am here we reached the MSD..all those crave for malay cooking flooded the lust.haha!but i end up eating nasi ayam je :D the food was ok.teh ais was not.its least our empty tummies are filled! weeee~~

ahhh it was really nice to be away from work.and being with my favourite people ♥ end of days in London for day 1 and day : HOLLAND! ♥

much love xx

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