Sunday, April 17, 2011

yesterday was my day off (i'm working on sundays til June now T__T ) so opy,aishah,nad and me planned a small bridal shower for ajah,gurl and E.T. it was a small makan-makan at Serai @ Empire. it was hillarious and fun!! opy with her newly wed stories *ehem*ehem* and of course a small video shot by Nad,wishes for the bride to bes! despite working late the night before my energy level was quite ok.but when the clock strikes two.i'm all kenyang and sleepy.hehehe..we had a great time though.thanks to all who came for the small bridal shower and i hope u had a great time too!

i will be all over the country next week.and the other week and the other week.sigh.but i love the exhilarating of traveling for work.boleh claim!hahaha and of course i am more exposed to what i'm doing now :) i'm heading to Perak on the 29th and 30th.ajjah's wedding! weeee ♥ and can u believe it,Ayun! Aliaa's getting married on the 1st of May! i'm so not gonna miss it for the world! but i could only go to her Nikah cos i hafta go to Seremban for work on the very same day :( oh well,no gain,right? ;)

off to bed now.i had a very tiring weekends :) and i need to sleep early now.have a good nite sleep peeps and i hope u had a great weekend ♥ much love xx

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