Monday, April 25, 2011

heyho peepo!how's your weekends? mine was awesomeness!! well not like super awesome..but it was short and sweet! :) on saturday, we were supposed to plan a bridal shower for our dear babe,Aliaa. well nothing fancy..but just hang out at the DARC for some extreme bridal shower with ATV ;) but, was raining in the evening and babesie could not make it on time to get all of us to play the ATVs.but it's ok.there's always next time for some extreme sports with our sayangs.we crazy like that.18years and still counting ;),we decided to have a small dinner cum bridal shower celebration at the Garden,Curve. the food was... NICE!!! it was my first time anyways.and as a virgin, the food tasted yummy!!! like two thumbs up!! :) so there were me,lava,lam and the bride to be, Aliaa :)

we bought her a cute balloon.a HUGE button and a small bachelorette tiara.well,a wee bit similar to ajah's bridal.hehe we're that sweet that's why.we just hope that our love ones will have a last week of single with so much love.haha! it was so nice to have the night with complete four of us! but we do miss Yasmin,Ayuni and Ranjini :( but still!! we get to talk dirty!! HAHAHAHAH ok kena tapis! TOOOOOTTTTT!! hahaha..anyways, i had this yummy carbonara! OMG! i know there's other place which has better carbonara.but man, i am having this crazy crave for carbonara since last week! my prayer is answered!! HAAAAAAA.. *while looking up at the sky* so we made aliaa wore that HUGE button smacked at her *chest* HAHA! and made her walk down the lane in curve with that and her heart shaped balloon. (lava was avoiding from holding the balloon when we bought it at the shop.she said malu) LOL

it was sooooo mucho mucho crazy and fun night!we had and talk and talk.and our dear Lam is converting to Islam soon.alhamdulillah.and she will be getting married in October :) and it was good to hear that she went to the Kelas Agama and she had learned a lot man! i am so proud of u Lam :) and we had all those juicy goss and we had dessert at chocolate.oh my,the tiramisu is soooooo niceeeee T____T i was melted! =B oh,i am so gonna miss all of this girlie time.we definitely gonna have another bridal shower (in private) for lam.haha!she even requested it to be held at Karaoke place!LOL we headed back at 12am and me,i hafta sleep early to get my ass up by 630 the next day for Malacca.

so here i Malacca.for three days.and working out this system.buzzing like a bee.(despite the post.LOL) will head home tomorrow! yeayy!! and gonna meet encik with his new iphong :P tak sabar! tak sabar! hehee..and thursday is alia's kenduri.friday is off to ipoh for ajah's wedding.sabtuday is aliaa's nikah day.and sunny day is the reception in Tropicana.i won't miss it for the world ♥ oh i can't wait! another 2 weeks for my trip!! can u believe it?? nervous like my heart skips a beat! i can't wait to said "merci" "s'il vous plaît" "oui" madame~? hehehe bestnyaaa!!! oh la la~ ♥ ♥ hope everything will be fine.aminnn :) ok.hopping off! ;) much love xx

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