Thursday, April 21, 2011

heyho! i am super duper duper duper busy at the mo.i am anywhere but my place.i hafta be in wilayah's court for two weeks.we berkampung there and every weekends was 'well' spent.sleeplees nights.too tired from too much thinking.and head back to office for 3 days.endless meetings.back to another states on Sundays.heading off to Melaka this week from Sunday to Tuesday.back in office and will be in Perak on Friday til Saturday for Ajjah's wedding.and head to Negeri Sembilan on the next day :( oh my..i'm not done yet..

heading off to Perlis the week after.for another 3 days T___T and i definitely can't wait for the week after Perlis! i am gonna pack my bags and off to Europe :) this is my first time placing my foot on the soil of Amsterdam and Paris soon :) direct translation from menjejakkan tanah ke bumi Amsterdam dan Paris.hehehe..can't wait to spend my holidays with my love ones. Gonna meet my babe Karimah in Delft.meeting Azz in London.oh my!! i definitely can't wait to take my mind off everything here.(for a short time,at least!) well at least everything will be fine once entering the month of June! ;) weeee ♥ ♥

i am loving every day in my life.being busy keeps my mind of things that i shouldn't be least i could just get my bed and crash to lala land once i reach home.most of my nights at TTDI was sleepless.seriously..i can't sleep in my room anymore.due to the 'ghost' story i heard from mom :( May Allah protects us from unwanted harms.anyways,to keep my mind of the things around..i did something fun!oh just for few minutes :P i get to try the soon to be launch ATV! best!! first time naik's something like motorbike but stabler. and it's fast too!

and wallah!! another two great news! Ajjah ♥ and missy Aliaa is getting married!!

my dear seems like yesterday we just first met at the KMNS.and u are now getting married!! how much older did we get? :P it's almost 10 years now,huh? woww!!

and Aliaa babe! goshh we've been knowing each other since forever! and i knew she will be the first among us me,yasmin,lava and lam who will be getting married :P and she's getting married on the 1st May :) so nice.i hope to see u nice,in ur wedding dress.. ♥ aliaa is the one in the middle btw.hehee..haihh cepatnya masa berlalu.semua orang pun dah nak kawen.heuheu..saya entah lah bila.. dot dot dot.. :P oh well!apepun,can't wait! for the day to come :) and i definitely can't wait for another 3 weeks to Europe!! weee ♥ have a nice day peeps!much love xx

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