Monday, April 25, 2011

heyho peepo!how's your weekends? mine was awesomeness!! well not like super awesome..but it was short and sweet! :) on saturday, we were supposed to plan a bridal shower for our dear babe,Aliaa. well nothing fancy..but just hang out at the DARC for some extreme bridal shower with ATV ;) but, was raining in the evening and babesie could not make it on time to get all of us to play the ATVs.but it's ok.there's always next time for some extreme sports with our sayangs.we crazy like that.18years and still counting ;),we decided to have a small dinner cum bridal shower celebration at the Garden,Curve. the food was... NICE!!! it was my first time anyways.and as a virgin, the food tasted yummy!!! like two thumbs up!! :) so there were me,lava,lam and the bride to be, Aliaa :)

we bought her a cute balloon.a HUGE button and a small bachelorette tiara.well,a wee bit similar to ajah's bridal.hehe we're that sweet that's why.we just hope that our love ones will have a last week of single with so much love.haha! it was so nice to have the night with complete four of us! but we do miss Yasmin,Ayuni and Ranjini :( but still!! we get to talk dirty!! HAHAHAHAH ok kena tapis! TOOOOOTTTTT!! hahaha..anyways, i had this yummy carbonara! OMG! i know there's other place which has better carbonara.but man, i am having this crazy crave for carbonara since last week! my prayer is answered!! HAAAAAAA.. *while looking up at the sky* so we made aliaa wore that HUGE button smacked at her *chest* HAHA! and made her walk down the lane in curve with that and her heart shaped balloon. (lava was avoiding from holding the balloon when we bought it at the shop.she said malu) LOL

it was sooooo mucho mucho crazy and fun night!we had and talk and talk.and our dear Lam is converting to Islam soon.alhamdulillah.and she will be getting married in October :) and it was good to hear that she went to the Kelas Agama and she had learned a lot man! i am so proud of u Lam :) and we had all those juicy goss and we had dessert at chocolate.oh my,the tiramisu is soooooo niceeeee T____T i was melted! =B oh,i am so gonna miss all of this girlie time.we definitely gonna have another bridal shower (in private) for lam.haha!she even requested it to be held at Karaoke place!LOL we headed back at 12am and me,i hafta sleep early to get my ass up by 630 the next day for Malacca.

so here i Malacca.for three days.and working out this system.buzzing like a bee.(despite the post.LOL) will head home tomorrow! yeayy!! and gonna meet encik with his new iphong :P tak sabar! tak sabar! hehee..and thursday is alia's kenduri.friday is off to ipoh for ajah's wedding.sabtuday is aliaa's nikah day.and sunny day is the reception in Tropicana.i won't miss it for the world ♥ oh i can't wait! another 2 weeks for my trip!! can u believe it?? nervous like my heart skips a beat! i can't wait to said "merci" "s'il vous plaît" "oui" madame~? hehehe bestnyaaa!!! oh la la~ ♥ ♥ hope everything will be fine.aminnn :) ok.hopping off! ;) much love xx

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

heyho! i am super duper duper duper busy at the mo.i am anywhere but my place.i hafta be in wilayah's court for two weeks.we berkampung there and every weekends was 'well' spent.sleeplees nights.too tired from too much thinking.and head back to office for 3 days.endless meetings.back to another states on Sundays.heading off to Melaka this week from Sunday to Tuesday.back in office and will be in Perak on Friday til Saturday for Ajjah's wedding.and head to Negeri Sembilan on the next day :( oh my..i'm not done yet..

heading off to Perlis the week after.for another 3 days T___T and i definitely can't wait for the week after Perlis! i am gonna pack my bags and off to Europe :) this is my first time placing my foot on the soil of Amsterdam and Paris soon :) direct translation from menjejakkan tanah ke bumi Amsterdam dan Paris.hehehe..can't wait to spend my holidays with my love ones. Gonna meet my babe Karimah in Delft.meeting Azz in London.oh my!! i definitely can't wait to take my mind off everything here.(for a short time,at least!) well at least everything will be fine once entering the month of June! ;) weeee ♥ ♥

i am loving every day in my life.being busy keeps my mind of things that i shouldn't be least i could just get my bed and crash to lala land once i reach home.most of my nights at TTDI was sleepless.seriously..i can't sleep in my room anymore.due to the 'ghost' story i heard from mom :( May Allah protects us from unwanted harms.anyways,to keep my mind of the things around..i did something fun!oh just for few minutes :P i get to try the soon to be launch ATV! best!! first time naik's something like motorbike but stabler. and it's fast too!

and wallah!! another two great news! Ajjah ♥ and missy Aliaa is getting married!!

my dear seems like yesterday we just first met at the KMNS.and u are now getting married!! how much older did we get? :P it's almost 10 years now,huh? woww!!

and Aliaa babe! goshh we've been knowing each other since forever! and i knew she will be the first among us me,yasmin,lava and lam who will be getting married :P and she's getting married on the 1st May :) so nice.i hope to see u nice,in ur wedding dress.. ♥ aliaa is the one in the middle btw.hehee..haihh cepatnya masa berlalu.semua orang pun dah nak kawen.heuheu..saya entah lah bila.. dot dot dot.. :P oh well!apepun,can't wait! for the day to come :) and i definitely can't wait for another 3 weeks to Europe!! weee ♥ have a nice day peeps!much love xx

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

yesterday was my day off (i'm working on sundays til June now T__T ) so opy,aishah,nad and me planned a small bridal shower for ajah,gurl and E.T. it was a small makan-makan at Serai @ Empire. it was hillarious and fun!! opy with her newly wed stories *ehem*ehem* and of course a small video shot by Nad,wishes for the bride to bes! despite working late the night before my energy level was quite ok.but when the clock strikes two.i'm all kenyang and sleepy.hehehe..we had a great time though.thanks to all who came for the small bridal shower and i hope u had a great time too!

i will be all over the country next week.and the other week and the other week.sigh.but i love the exhilarating of traveling for work.boleh claim!hahaha and of course i am more exposed to what i'm doing now :) i'm heading to Perak on the 29th and 30th.ajjah's wedding! weeee ♥ and can u believe it,Ayun! Aliaa's getting married on the 1st of May! i'm so not gonna miss it for the world! but i could only go to her Nikah cos i hafta go to Seremban for work on the very same day :( oh well,no gain,right? ;)

off to bed now.i had a very tiring weekends :) and i need to sleep early now.have a good nite sleep peeps and i hope u had a great weekend ♥ much love xx

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

updated : sorry!wrong information.haha!i got the wrong model.but anyways!! this is the right one.heuheu..and i am overwhelmed!! i was planning to buy this funky casio illuminator watch from my trip to Japan.but unfortunately my trip to Japan,which was supposed to be scheduled on the 10th April, was canceled :( but someone,is planning to give me this!! can't waitt!! =B really really boost up my mood for the rest of the week! i even dream of it.haha! which color is nice,eh? pink? purple or white? :) much love xx

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

i did some findings on how much i need to take and loose per week to reach my aim i went to this website.. click here!

Women's Calorie Calculator Results

These calorie calculator results will help you understand how many calories you need to maintain your current weight, and the number of calories needed per day to achieve your goal weight in a healthy, steady manner.

You need 1809.9 calories per day to maintain your current weight without exercise.

You need 1720.6 calories per day to reach your goal weight slowly and maintain that weight without exercise.

If you reduce your current caloric intake to 1309.9 calories per day you will lose one pound per week without exercise.

If you increase your current caloric intake to 2309.9 calories per day, you will gain one pound per week.

Exercise and Calorie Needs

If you exercise for 30 minutes each day, you may increase your caloric intake to 2007 calories per day and still maintain your current weight.

If you exercise for 60 minutes each day, you may increase your caloric intake to 2253.4 calories per day to maintain your current weight.

If you exercise for 30 minutes each day, you will be able to reach your goal weight with 1907 calories per day.

If you exercise for 60 minutes each day, you will be able to reach your goal weight with 2139.9 calories per day.


The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that approximately 50 percent of your calories come from carbohydrates, about 30 percent from fats, and approximately 20 percent from protein sources. One gram of protein has about four calories, one gram of fat has about nine calories, and one gram of carbohydrate has about four calories.

You need 226.2 grams of carbohydrates, 59.7 grams of fat, and 90.5 grams of protein per day for 1809.9 calories to maintain your weight of 126 pounds.

You need 215.1 grams of carbohydrates, 56.8 grams of fat, and 86 grams of protein per day for 1720.6 calories to maintain your goal weight of 105 pounds.

interesting enough? go on try! :) have a nice weekends.remember,watch what u eat!you are what u eat,u know? ;) much love xx

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

oh i dream of going to this place someday :)

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Friday, April 01, 2011

i used to have this when i was younger.but i dunno where it went.i think my dad must've got it while he was studying in States. it's kinda cute don't you's a record player! ;) and it has many songs too! i wonder if we could find any in Malaysia :)

have a lovely weekend :) i am fixing my dented car for sure T___T
much love xx

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