Thursday, March 10, 2011

heyho! lately i'm in a good mood to blog.despite the network had been filtered here,in the PCN (Putrajaya Campus Network) hehe..and most of the offices are not allowed to access all these social networking sites.pfft!! well screw them! what's the point of Najib having FB and blog.. (eceh..alasan) sometimes it just make me lost the point of looking forward to wake up in the morning,having a cup of tea, scrolling down blogs and updating status on facebook.twitting friends from time to time.sigh.i miss those days.the only way for me to check what people commented on my facebook is through my email.pathetic right? hahaha! but oh well,they have point. i was, at a phase when i was super duper addicted to the soc.nets sites i was refreshing the page every seconds! LOL

but yeah,off things that i look forward to do..i'm also looking forward to go to gym everyday.well,i am tired work i will be soo sleepy (not all the time.i just like to use the word 'sleepy' to describe BORING) the only thing i'm looking forward at work is when the clock strikes 5PM! the 5PM is a huge number man!

1) at 5pm my mind starts to race with loads of ideas for food places and food to eat for dinner or lepak2 with encik ♥ ♥

2) at 5pm my eyes are no longer making this squinting while watching the computer went like super duper BIG O ROUND man! LOL (BALIKKK!!!)

3) at 5pm, well on Fridays to be specific, is the day when I can rush to the car and said "harini balik jauh!" which means, i'm heading back to TTDI to meredah meet my comfy HUGE screen.and my FWENS!! i misch them on weekdays :( and to eat at SANTAI! weee... \(^0^)/

4) at 5pm i will be all psyched and dressed up for the gym!huh!huh! (no worries.i dun have gym attired yet.i'm just not having the dream body to wear one.LOL)

5) last but not least, at 5pm, i am a free woman!! hahahah..sumting like i dun hafta pretend to be doing my work or anything.haha! fake!

but the thing is, i'm the type who always get things done er..FAST? i'm not kidding.i just tend to do things quickly..something like challenging myself to get things done on time.but i'm more like the one who get things done super duper quick that i end up with nothing else to do right,sebab tu saya mesti cakap takde keje everytime orang tanya "tengah buat ape tu?" hehe..but when i was superduper busy..i'm like having not enough hands! or like pepatah melayu "crippled cockroach!" a.k.a lipas kudung.haha!

i do miss working as an Analyst Programmer back then.where i'm forking my brains out for ideas.and yes,i do miss those times when i'll go back at 10pm every day.i dun long as i know that i'm doing something.but here,in wherever i'm working right now. *uhuk*uhuk* the G-thing has this kinda cool system where officers like us, will have assistants. well in IT Dept, they call them we're like the System Analyst. basically,we attend meetings and boy,we really hafta listen throughout the meetings cause the next steps are for us to deligate the programmers to ensure that the requirements needed for the system will be implemented. AND, if u messed up, you are not messing with small system here, you're messing with the WHOLE Malaysia's system!! i think you get what i mean ;)

well,sometimes people are looking forward to meet friends in the office to gossip around (well that's the only spice in life,i guess) and some people are just looking forward to go to work and ensure that the work is perfectly done and on time ( i have a friend like that) and some are like me.i just wake up at 640am everyday.getting ready by 715,drove off to work.reached office by 730.switch on the PC.waiting for friends to come to go for breakfast at 8.back from breakfast by 830..getting all my pending jobs on time.laze around a bit.listen to the music.attend meetings.and get back to getting things done.nothing cheesy.just taking my own pace.well,i enjoy what i'm doing now.but i need to start to gear things up by end of this year.i'm entering my 2nd year in i need to do something for myself.AIM : be F54 at the age of 45.haha! insyaAllah..what do you look forward to..? =)

much love xx

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