Monday, March 14, 2011

hey ho! morning..ohayo gozaimasu minna was a gloomy monday for everyone i guess.but it could not beat on how the Japanese are feeling right now :( i was reading through the newspaper and it was such a heart wrenching to watch the pictures of the disastrous sights.Ya Allah..subhanAllah..i am so sad to watch all the ships upside down.houses split into two. and elderly couple hugging each other in fear.ya Allah, it's so sad! i could feel whatever they are feeling right see your house.your familiar compound, village and city turning into a flat soiled land.washed away by the big waves of raging tsunami.i can't help but to feel really sorry to watch the Japanese struggling to stay alive and their sad faces, Ya Allah, it was such a heart break.

i've emailed my close friend, Yuki Ieda.on the day of tsunami itself.and she was ok,so far.but the next mail was not replied.yet.and i'm kinda worried.i emailed my foster parents, Takeshi and Kuniko Ibusuki. and they said that everything's fine (on the day itself 11.3.11) alhamdulillah.they did not want to worry me that much,i guess.however, my language teacher Mitchi sensei,did not reply my email since last Friday.and he's staying in Yokohama.ya Allah, i hope everyone's safe.i could not imagine the fear they are facing right now.and our dear friend, Nadhila Fahmi, is still there! thank God she keep us updated with her fb status. thank you,Facebook! and she sounded WORRIED!Tokyo is shutting down the electricity and gases supply due to the nuclear leak in Fukushima. they all have to make sure that they could stay warm.gather all the blankets you could Dell.stay warm and make sure you got enough food supply too!ya Allah, may you protect all of them. I believe that the Japanese had once, raised from rubble..and with great hope and determination within..i know they will survived. they are iron people. We belong to you,Allah and to You we shall be returned.i just hope that it won't get any worse than that.

and me, i am worried sick!i mean,i'm going there in less than a month! i am really really worried right now that the trip won't gonna happen.of course i will be frustrated..waited for 5 years for this moment to come.but Allah has better plans for me.well,i don't mind the flight tickets and all.i rather risk loosing the tickets i paid than loosing our family's life right? but if we could not go this's ok.maybe next time.for now,lets just keep updated on Japan's tsunami and may thing subside and back to normal in a least :(

may Allah be with all the Muslims in Japan.and not to forget in Yemen and Palestine too.subhanAllah..Allahu Akbar..

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