Wednesday, March 09, 2011's lunch time.and i just had an amazinggg chicken spagetti.yum2.but it's not as filling as MY beef bolognese.heee =D i miss cooking.but it was not bad for a local cafe to serve something western though ;) oh my my!! i had to be super duper careful with what i eat nowadays.despite the "besok janji tak week!next week!" the next thing you know..i am still eating yummy food over breakfast lunch and dinner.but that was last week lah.this week i am very very careful.i had been to gym for a month now.and alhamdulillah sudah turun 6 kilos since last month. (well i gained 5 kilos for over a year) orang bercinta..biasalah.haha! hari2 jumpa pegi makan itu ini.nowadays,he's kinda busy with work and the only time to makan-makan is dinner.which is 3 days a week je.huh.

back to O.M.G . a.k.a oh my Gym is quite interesting.i mean i know i did and still doing sports and stuffs.but the commitment to drag myself to gym every single day is not easy my friend.sometimes i hafta put aside all those tea time (offices will usually have meetings in the afternoon.and they have gila sedap punya tea time) and boy, it's killing my soul very deep weh! i am like "gosh sedapnya!sedapnya!!" but with this size,my friend.i should not exceed more than the capacity.muatan berat nanti.hehe..'s been good.and i have another 1 month before japan. i am aiming to make myself back to when i was 5 years ago! hahahahha in 1 month! agak2 boleh tak? jeng jeng jeng

so i was really really pumped up with all these machines and stuffs.but boy,i need the whole world's determination man! i am soooo tired sometimes.i mean, i can do all those steppers and treadmill for an hour full.but i am super exhausted right after the gym.exhausted but fresh.get it? it's like all those sweats coming out from your body were washed away.but your butt sores.your calves are like crying to be put on a nice comfy pillow and to be pampered.haha! kesian tau kadang2. LOL..but the best part ever is SHOWERING after,it's like the most looking forward thing to do after gym.hee..i wish that i could just go to sleep after shower.but as u know, mahu dating kan.LOL

and the next looking forward thing is counting down to Japan! i am seriously nervous and excited.but i haven't get the visa done yet.the runner was not around to do it for us i hafta wait for next week.everything's done.recommendation photos.passport.filled up the forms etc.this is the first time to get everything on my own.nervous? TOTALLY!! do pray that i could get the visa done in's a month away from our trip anyways!and my target is to be back 48kg (although I was 46kgs when i was in college.i dun think it's possible anymore.haha!) or at least 49kg by the time April comes ;) nak jadi balik macam ni boleh? =P ni zaman berat saya adalah 40kg.kalah dey,kan dey? =P

i was wearing GAP cargo pants size 0 ok! and it was even big on me!haih..

and this is size 27! and LOOSE!watde mann!! hahaha oh well, i know i can't get back that size in a least back to 28 =P hehehe girls!haihh..always not happy with their body,ey..hehehe

ok ham,i dah update! =D hope u enjoyed it! hope u have a nice wednesday =) gonna watch Beastly with encik tonight :) hope it's gonna be a good show. later peeps! much love xx

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