Monday, March 21, 2011

oh my my!! the macaron from oh macarons! is soooo BIGGG!!! and the taste was not bad! i give it second after Harrods.oh make it top 3 lah.the whisk's macaron's was not bad too! hehe well i haven't tried i don't know who will win it anyways.hehe

but,it's really hugeee!!

and i've actually ate half of it!! memang puas hati gila makan! the taste was not so bad.i mean harrod's has a very nice fillings for the macarons.i still love theirs.but for something cheaper and bigger.u can get 12pieces for rm26! really cheap right? well,it's not bad! ;) i ensure u.hehehe..u can find more informations here : Oh Macarons! ahhhh..thank you azna.for giving me two pieces! nomnomnom..sucha generous person!;P ok! gotta head gym for today.two days rest.ehem2.have a nice monday! ♥ much love xx

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