Saturday, March 12, 2011

hi fanfan! i wish you could read this.maybe someday you'll read it :) i'll put the date of post as your birthday ok :) hehe..

anyways,last week was little fanfan's birthday.he's already ONE year old!can you believe how fast time! i still remember when farah's cute tummy was almost due!! it was 12 March as i recalled it. exactly today!

subhanAllah cepat betul masa berlalu! and look what we have now??

all grown up and omg!i'm like watching every single changes he became now..from shy little boy.not wanting other people to carry him besides his own mom :P and making all this weird but cute sound.he's such a doll!! and he loves being around us,his aunties.hehee..and on next tuesday, 15th March 2011 is his Gregorian calendar's birthday, he is ONE year old. (kalau bulan Islam, fanfan dah setahun dah :) ) alhamdulillah farah's bf has made this little guy into a strong boy now! and healthy too! may Allah bless u little munchkin,and mama and papa. and may u grow into a healthy boy and insyaAllah, anak yang soleh :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANFAN! ♥ aunty eyeen loves u!! much love xx

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