Sunday, March 20, 2011

hey ho! how's everyone doing? :) i'm not feeling so good today.BUT my morning was fun!! it's been ages since our last breakfast together.with EVERYONE! all of us was there ♥ rindu my breakfast clan :) i was the last person to arrive at cengkih today.due to my 'jetlag' haha!i was awaken at 4am earlier this sister was not feeling well and she was rushed of to the hospital.and i hafta take care of her daughter.who was actually sleeping.but she woke up and screamed!! (ARGHHHH!!!) while running towards my room as she saw no one sleeping beside her,lucky i opened my room door.just in case she woke, aunty eyin to the rescue.was awake from 4am til 5am.because this little girl just doesn't want to go back to sleep.haihh..but! i get to sleep again and woke up at 850am :P sowie nadz!rushed to cengkih and wallah! here we are~

these are friends,i truly treasure :) who will made my day on any DAYS :) looking forward for the next event on next sunday! :") but not sure if encik is coming,k nadz :P heee..hope u'll have a lovely weekend.much love xx

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