Tuesday, March 08, 2011

hey ho!! it's been agesss!! i am super busy and weekends are like super evil busy or i was just sick at home=P last last last weekends was azalia's wedding.finally she's married to byn! =) alhamdulillah..she looked sooo pretty! ♥

last last weekend plak down with flu.so i end up sleeping at home.taking flu meds and slipping in and out of conscious.and last weekend was aki's wedding! =) congrats aki! (will update photo's later) and in the evening was eyman's 3rd birthday party at the KFC kegemaran kami,kat Petronas TTDI.hehe.it was fun!! and the cake was cute and yummyy!! and on sunday was hanging out with mister at kajang.wanted to ajak zul.but as usual kan..encik pun busy bee! takpe,there's always next time ;) but it was a really fun weekend!!♥ and dinner with syg is always fun..heee..oh look at this! i tried his specs on.tak seswai! heheh..i looked juling =P

this was during teman mister melawat outlet.then,after all sites visit..pegi makan mango iceberg terbaek di alamanda!! serious sedappp!!

and then ni pulak breakfast on ahad lepas

soto village park terbaek!

ni pulak late dinner with family at Jasima ♥ sedappp!!

and last but not least, dinner at Awana Genting,makan sorang2 tau.kesiannn..but it was the yummiest grilled chicken with pasta ♥

oh God.ayat memang tunggang langgang abes =P but yeah.just a quick update.will update on aki's wedding and eyman's birthday party! have a nice week people! much love xx

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