Monday, March 28, 2011

these are the girls and guys who came for irfan's bday party at Fat Spoon.thanks to Via for having us at FS.and the food was yummmyyy!! and the crowd was uber fun!! kesian syg kena buli =P but he said he had a great fun too! thanks to the crowd ♥ congratulations,u made him utterly COMFORTABLE with inverted commas :P the moment we entered FS..everyone was like "Hi Rashid!!" and hellooo?? i am standing next to him! how come he's sooo welcomed!?? HAHAHA..haihh..i bet he was all red at that time.glad he was calm.but boy!he is sooo hard to be dragged and make conversations with the girls or even the guys!pfftt!! but he started to loosen up a bit once nadz's mom started to interview him.hehe..and the rest,u could tell what ADIB and WAN did to him.memang kena interview panjang lebar kat Wondermilk after dat =P so,here are the crowd and my crazy love people! ♥ i hope farah had a great time as well as little munchkin fanfan ♥

haihh..i am lucky to have these crowd lah.very the kecoh wannn and to quote what mister told me "kawan u ni gila-gila lah!!" i know he loves them too!hehehe..thanks babes!! and via,please make another meet ups.this time,no excuse.mizi must be around! like MUST MUST!! =P much love ;) xx

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