Saturday, March 12, 2011

read the utusan this morning.SubhanAllah..i hope everyone's safe in's worried about our trip looking at the photos of burning buildings,wreckage roads and everything.i was worried myself.but i'm trying to calm myself down.not to show them i'm more worried about my teachers,foster family and friends back in Japan.some were stranded in the office.and even sleeping in their cubicles and they can't go anywhere.train stations closed.and airports were closed too.but that was yesterday.i heard that the trains are back on track and still there's heavy traffic everywhere.

5years back,when I was in Japan, i had the same experience but it was only 4.5 Richter. and i could feel the wibbly wobbly fact,i was brushing my teeth when i tot that i was only felling dizzy.nothing serious though..just a small shakes of our bunk beds.but it was not as bad as recently quakes! it was 8.9!! Ya Allah!! that's doubled the last time i had..and dad was telling me this "tu Allah baru jentik sikit.." (bahasa kiasan ye.jangan jadikannya sebagai maksud sebenar as in literally God's pinching or anything) but can you imagine?? look at these..'s the worst nightmare! thankful enough to be in Malaysia right now.and although we did get these little waves from the quakes sometimes..but at least we're not as exposed as the other countries affected.i hope the Ring of Fires does not expand lah.subhanAllah.fanauzubillah..i hope everyone's safe..Takeshi n Kuniko.Yuki and family.Mitchi Sensei and wife. Norie and family.Sofia a.k. Junko Hayashi and wife, Che,Abg walid and abg zamir.and whoever Malaysian's who are still there.our prayers are with all of you..insyaAllah.amin.much love xx

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