Monday, March 28, 2011

these are the girls and guys who came for irfan's bday party at Fat Spoon.thanks to Via for having us at FS.and the food was yummmyyy!! and the crowd was uber fun!! kesian syg kena buli =P but he said he had a great fun too! thanks to the crowd ♥ congratulations,u made him utterly COMFORTABLE with inverted commas :P the moment we entered FS..everyone was like "Hi Rashid!!" and hellooo?? i am standing next to him! how come he's sooo welcomed!?? HAHAHA..haihh..i bet he was all red at that time.glad he was calm.but boy!he is sooo hard to be dragged and make conversations with the girls or even the guys!pfftt!! but he started to loosen up a bit once nadz's mom started to interview him.hehe..and the rest,u could tell what ADIB and WAN did to him.memang kena interview panjang lebar kat Wondermilk after dat =P so,here are the crowd and my crazy love people! ♥ i hope farah had a great time as well as little munchkin fanfan ♥

haihh..i am lucky to have these crowd lah.very the kecoh wannn and to quote what mister told me "kawan u ni gila-gila lah!!" i know he loves them too!hehehe..thanks babes!! and via,please make another meet ups.this time,no excuse.mizi must be around! like MUST MUST!! =P much love ;) xx

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Monday, March 21, 2011

oh my my!! the macaron from oh macarons! is soooo BIGGG!!! and the taste was not bad! i give it second after Harrods.oh make it top 3 lah.the whisk's macaron's was not bad too! hehe well i haven't tried i don't know who will win it anyways.hehe

but,it's really hugeee!!

and i've actually ate half of it!! memang puas hati gila makan! the taste was not so bad.i mean harrod's has a very nice fillings for the macarons.i still love theirs.but for something cheaper and bigger.u can get 12pieces for rm26! really cheap right? well,it's not bad! ;) i ensure u.hehehe..u can find more informations here : Oh Macarons! ahhhh..thank you azna.for giving me two pieces! nomnomnom..sucha generous person!;P ok! gotta head gym for today.two days rest.ehem2.have a nice monday! ♥ much love xx

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

hey ho! how's everyone doing? :) i'm not feeling so good today.BUT my morning was fun!! it's been ages since our last breakfast together.with EVERYONE! all of us was there ♥ rindu my breakfast clan :) i was the last person to arrive at cengkih today.due to my 'jetlag' haha!i was awaken at 4am earlier this sister was not feeling well and she was rushed of to the hospital.and i hafta take care of her daughter.who was actually sleeping.but she woke up and screamed!! (ARGHHHH!!!) while running towards my room as she saw no one sleeping beside her,lucky i opened my room door.just in case she woke, aunty eyin to the rescue.was awake from 4am til 5am.because this little girl just doesn't want to go back to sleep.haihh..but! i get to sleep again and woke up at 850am :P sowie nadz!rushed to cengkih and wallah! here we are~

these are friends,i truly treasure :) who will made my day on any DAYS :) looking forward for the next event on next sunday! :") but not sure if encik is coming,k nadz :P heee..hope u'll have a lovely weekend.much love xx

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

right now..every time i read news on Japan.i feel so sad. i cry for Japan too. i know they'll make it through.seeing the videos and hearing the sirens really freaks me out.i could fell my heart thumping and ya Allah i have the fear for my family and friends there. things are getting worse :( Ya Allah, have some mercy on them..amin

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Monday, March 14, 2011

hey ho! morning..ohayo gozaimasu minna was a gloomy monday for everyone i guess.but it could not beat on how the Japanese are feeling right now :( i was reading through the newspaper and it was such a heart wrenching to watch the pictures of the disastrous sights.Ya Allah..subhanAllah..i am so sad to watch all the ships upside down.houses split into two. and elderly couple hugging each other in fear.ya Allah, it's so sad! i could feel whatever they are feeling right see your house.your familiar compound, village and city turning into a flat soiled land.washed away by the big waves of raging tsunami.i can't help but to feel really sorry to watch the Japanese struggling to stay alive and their sad faces, Ya Allah, it was such a heart break.

i've emailed my close friend, Yuki Ieda.on the day of tsunami itself.and she was ok,so far.but the next mail was not replied.yet.and i'm kinda worried.i emailed my foster parents, Takeshi and Kuniko Ibusuki. and they said that everything's fine (on the day itself 11.3.11) alhamdulillah.they did not want to worry me that much,i guess.however, my language teacher Mitchi sensei,did not reply my email since last Friday.and he's staying in Yokohama.ya Allah, i hope everyone's safe.i could not imagine the fear they are facing right now.and our dear friend, Nadhila Fahmi, is still there! thank God she keep us updated with her fb status. thank you,Facebook! and she sounded WORRIED!Tokyo is shutting down the electricity and gases supply due to the nuclear leak in Fukushima. they all have to make sure that they could stay warm.gather all the blankets you could Dell.stay warm and make sure you got enough food supply too!ya Allah, may you protect all of them. I believe that the Japanese had once, raised from rubble..and with great hope and determination within..i know they will survived. they are iron people. We belong to you,Allah and to You we shall be returned.i just hope that it won't get any worse than that.

and me, i am worried sick!i mean,i'm going there in less than a month! i am really really worried right now that the trip won't gonna happen.of course i will be frustrated..waited for 5 years for this moment to come.but Allah has better plans for me.well,i don't mind the flight tickets and all.i rather risk loosing the tickets i paid than loosing our family's life right? but if we could not go this's ok.maybe next time.for now,lets just keep updated on Japan's tsunami and may thing subside and back to normal in a least :(

may Allah be with all the Muslims in Japan.and not to forget in Yemen and Palestine too.subhanAllah..Allahu Akbar..

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

photo courtesy of Bleubird Vintage

i wish i could do like the photo on the left.instead,with MASCARA! muehehehe..encik had this cute curly eyelashes,you know.feels like i wanna put a mascara on it.i'll keep on asking him "i letak mascara boleh?" and he will make this weird disapproval face (O__o) and one fine day..after the gazillion-th time,he finally said "ok.sekali je seumur hidup" HAHAHAHAHA cute gila! yeay!! finally! an APRROVAL!! i can't wait for the day to come! his eyelashes are soooo beautiful! like this! (*___*) he he he..

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

hi fanfan! i wish you could read this.maybe someday you'll read it :) i'll put the date of post as your birthday ok :) hehe..

anyways,last week was little fanfan's birthday.he's already ONE year old!can you believe how fast time! i still remember when farah's cute tummy was almost due!! it was 12 March as i recalled it. exactly today!

subhanAllah cepat betul masa berlalu! and look what we have now??

all grown up and omg!i'm like watching every single changes he became now..from shy little boy.not wanting other people to carry him besides his own mom :P and making all this weird but cute sound.he's such a doll!! and he loves being around us,his aunties.hehee..and on next tuesday, 15th March 2011 is his Gregorian calendar's birthday, he is ONE year old. (kalau bulan Islam, fanfan dah setahun dah :) ) alhamdulillah farah's bf has made this little guy into a strong boy now! and healthy too! may Allah bless u little munchkin,and mama and papa. and may u grow into a healthy boy and insyaAllah, anak yang soleh :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANFAN! ♥ aunty eyeen loves u!! much love xx

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read the utusan this morning.SubhanAllah..i hope everyone's safe in's worried about our trip looking at the photos of burning buildings,wreckage roads and everything.i was worried myself.but i'm trying to calm myself down.not to show them i'm more worried about my teachers,foster family and friends back in Japan.some were stranded in the office.and even sleeping in their cubicles and they can't go anywhere.train stations closed.and airports were closed too.but that was yesterday.i heard that the trains are back on track and still there's heavy traffic everywhere.

5years back,when I was in Japan, i had the same experience but it was only 4.5 Richter. and i could feel the wibbly wobbly fact,i was brushing my teeth when i tot that i was only felling dizzy.nothing serious though..just a small shakes of our bunk beds.but it was not as bad as recently quakes! it was 8.9!! Ya Allah!! that's doubled the last time i had..and dad was telling me this "tu Allah baru jentik sikit.." (bahasa kiasan ye.jangan jadikannya sebagai maksud sebenar as in literally God's pinching or anything) but can you imagine?? look at these..'s the worst nightmare! thankful enough to be in Malaysia right now.and although we did get these little waves from the quakes sometimes..but at least we're not as exposed as the other countries affected.i hope the Ring of Fires does not expand lah.subhanAllah.fanauzubillah..i hope everyone's safe..Takeshi n Kuniko.Yuki and family.Mitchi Sensei and wife. Norie and family.Sofia a.k. Junko Hayashi and wife, Che,Abg walid and abg zamir.and whoever Malaysian's who are still there.our prayers are with all of you..insyaAllah.amin.much love xx

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Friday, March 11, 2011

nak amek! the guy who made every boyfriends in the world jealous.haha! happy fly-day! off to opy's wedding tomorrow! meeting ajah and nad! weee..

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

heyho! lately i'm in a good mood to blog.despite the network had been filtered here,in the PCN (Putrajaya Campus Network) hehe..and most of the offices are not allowed to access all these social networking sites.pfft!! well screw them! what's the point of Najib having FB and blog.. (eceh..alasan) sometimes it just make me lost the point of looking forward to wake up in the morning,having a cup of tea, scrolling down blogs and updating status on facebook.twitting friends from time to time.sigh.i miss those days.the only way for me to check what people commented on my facebook is through my email.pathetic right? hahaha! but oh well,they have point. i was, at a phase when i was super duper addicted to the soc.nets sites i was refreshing the page every seconds! LOL

but yeah,off things that i look forward to do..i'm also looking forward to go to gym everyday.well,i am tired work i will be soo sleepy (not all the time.i just like to use the word 'sleepy' to describe BORING) the only thing i'm looking forward at work is when the clock strikes 5PM! the 5PM is a huge number man!

1) at 5pm my mind starts to race with loads of ideas for food places and food to eat for dinner or lepak2 with encik ♥ ♥

2) at 5pm my eyes are no longer making this squinting while watching the computer went like super duper BIG O ROUND man! LOL (BALIKKK!!!)

3) at 5pm, well on Fridays to be specific, is the day when I can rush to the car and said "harini balik jauh!" which means, i'm heading back to TTDI to meredah meet my comfy HUGE screen.and my FWENS!! i misch them on weekdays :( and to eat at SANTAI! weee... \(^0^)/

4) at 5pm i will be all psyched and dressed up for the gym!huh!huh! (no worries.i dun have gym attired yet.i'm just not having the dream body to wear one.LOL)

5) last but not least, at 5pm, i am a free woman!! hahahah..sumting like i dun hafta pretend to be doing my work or anything.haha! fake!

but the thing is, i'm the type who always get things done er..FAST? i'm not kidding.i just tend to do things quickly..something like challenging myself to get things done on time.but i'm more like the one who get things done super duper quick that i end up with nothing else to do right,sebab tu saya mesti cakap takde keje everytime orang tanya "tengah buat ape tu?" hehe..but when i was superduper busy..i'm like having not enough hands! or like pepatah melayu "crippled cockroach!" a.k.a lipas kudung.haha!

i do miss working as an Analyst Programmer back then.where i'm forking my brains out for ideas.and yes,i do miss those times when i'll go back at 10pm every day.i dun long as i know that i'm doing something.but here,in wherever i'm working right now. *uhuk*uhuk* the G-thing has this kinda cool system where officers like us, will have assistants. well in IT Dept, they call them we're like the System Analyst. basically,we attend meetings and boy,we really hafta listen throughout the meetings cause the next steps are for us to deligate the programmers to ensure that the requirements needed for the system will be implemented. AND, if u messed up, you are not messing with small system here, you're messing with the WHOLE Malaysia's system!! i think you get what i mean ;)

well,sometimes people are looking forward to meet friends in the office to gossip around (well that's the only spice in life,i guess) and some people are just looking forward to go to work and ensure that the work is perfectly done and on time ( i have a friend like that) and some are like me.i just wake up at 640am everyday.getting ready by 715,drove off to work.reached office by 730.switch on the PC.waiting for friends to come to go for breakfast at 8.back from breakfast by 830..getting all my pending jobs on time.laze around a bit.listen to the music.attend meetings.and get back to getting things done.nothing cheesy.just taking my own pace.well,i enjoy what i'm doing now.but i need to start to gear things up by end of this year.i'm entering my 2nd year in i need to do something for myself.AIM : be F54 at the age of 45.haha! insyaAllah..what do you look forward to..? =)

much love xx

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011's lunch time.and i just had an amazinggg chicken spagetti.yum2.but it's not as filling as MY beef bolognese.heee =D i miss cooking.but it was not bad for a local cafe to serve something western though ;) oh my my!! i had to be super duper careful with what i eat nowadays.despite the "besok janji tak week!next week!" the next thing you know..i am still eating yummy food over breakfast lunch and dinner.but that was last week lah.this week i am very very careful.i had been to gym for a month now.and alhamdulillah sudah turun 6 kilos since last month. (well i gained 5 kilos for over a year) orang bercinta..biasalah.haha! hari2 jumpa pegi makan itu ini.nowadays,he's kinda busy with work and the only time to makan-makan is dinner.which is 3 days a week je.huh.

back to O.M.G . a.k.a oh my Gym is quite interesting.i mean i know i did and still doing sports and stuffs.but the commitment to drag myself to gym every single day is not easy my friend.sometimes i hafta put aside all those tea time (offices will usually have meetings in the afternoon.and they have gila sedap punya tea time) and boy, it's killing my soul very deep weh! i am like "gosh sedapnya!sedapnya!!" but with this size,my friend.i should not exceed more than the capacity.muatan berat nanti.hehe..'s been good.and i have another 1 month before japan. i am aiming to make myself back to when i was 5 years ago! hahahahha in 1 month! agak2 boleh tak? jeng jeng jeng

so i was really really pumped up with all these machines and stuffs.but boy,i need the whole world's determination man! i am soooo tired sometimes.i mean, i can do all those steppers and treadmill for an hour full.but i am super exhausted right after the gym.exhausted but fresh.get it? it's like all those sweats coming out from your body were washed away.but your butt sores.your calves are like crying to be put on a nice comfy pillow and to be pampered.haha! kesian tau kadang2. LOL..but the best part ever is SHOWERING after,it's like the most looking forward thing to do after gym.hee..i wish that i could just go to sleep after shower.but as u know, mahu dating kan.LOL

and the next looking forward thing is counting down to Japan! i am seriously nervous and excited.but i haven't get the visa done yet.the runner was not around to do it for us i hafta wait for next week.everything's done.recommendation photos.passport.filled up the forms etc.this is the first time to get everything on my own.nervous? TOTALLY!! do pray that i could get the visa done in's a month away from our trip anyways!and my target is to be back 48kg (although I was 46kgs when i was in college.i dun think it's possible anymore.haha!) or at least 49kg by the time April comes ;) nak jadi balik macam ni boleh? =P ni zaman berat saya adalah 40kg.kalah dey,kan dey? =P

i was wearing GAP cargo pants size 0 ok! and it was even big on me!haih..

and this is size 27! and LOOSE!watde mann!! hahaha oh well, i know i can't get back that size in a least back to 28 =P hehehe girls!haihh..always not happy with their body,ey..hehehe

ok ham,i dah update! =D hope u enjoyed it! hope u have a nice wednesday =) gonna watch Beastly with encik tonight :) hope it's gonna be a good show. later peeps! much love xx

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

hey ho!! it's been agesss!! i am super busy and weekends are like super evil busy or i was just sick at home=P last last last weekends was azalia's wedding.finally she's married to byn! =) alhamdulillah..she looked sooo pretty! ♥

last last weekend plak down with i end up sleeping at home.taking flu meds and slipping in and out of conscious.and last weekend was aki's wedding! =) congrats aki! (will update photo's later) and in the evening was eyman's 3rd birthday party at the KFC kegemaran kami,kat Petronas was fun!! and the cake was cute and yummyy!! and on sunday was hanging out with mister at kajang.wanted to ajak zul.but as usual kan..encik pun busy bee! takpe,there's always next time ;) but it was a really fun weekend!!♥ and dinner with syg is always fun..heee..oh look at this! i tried his specs on.tak seswai! heheh..i looked juling =P

this was during teman mister melawat outlet.then,after all sites visit..pegi makan mango iceberg terbaek di alamanda!! serious sedappp!!

and then ni pulak breakfast on ahad lepas

soto village park terbaek!

ni pulak late dinner with family at Jasima ♥ sedappp!!

and last but not least, dinner at Awana Genting,makan sorang2 tau.kesiannn..but it was the yummiest grilled chicken with pasta ♥

oh God.ayat memang tunggang langgang abes =P but yeah.just a quick update.will update on aki's wedding and eyman's birthday party! have a nice week people! much love xx

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