Tuesday, February 01, 2011

hallo.lovely weather today.selamat hari wilayah!=) and today feels like posting ami's twit from sputniksweetheart. "what's inside your bag?" =) so..here's what inside my bag

ok basically the numbers are all out of clockwise ke anti ke.semua hentam.hehe here are the stuffs inside my Aigner handbag.been using its since last year.love the two ways of wearing it.you can wear it as sling bag.or u can kepit bawah ketiak.haha i dunno how to put in words.i'm not much of a handbag person.i just own them.LOL.the price..tak ingat sangat.haha dun wanna remember cos it burned my pocket money! =P so ok :

1) polka dots make up/meds pouch from mom. (will narrow down what's inside it in below's photo pulak) hehe
2) my two precious phone.the black one is the express music (Celcom) my dad gave it to me.and my ever first 3G phone.lol.and the second one is corby (maxis) i bought it myself last Hari Raya.so cute in white.that i just hafta have it.and i cannot live without it too!
3) my not so recent movie tix : gulliver's travel.watched with syg
4) must have at least one emergency brooch.so that's my leaf brooch.
5) loose change.must've slipped in every time paying stuffs.
6) pens! hafta have pens.always.pen free dua.pen opih satu.haha!
7) my ID card.selalu lupa bawak.so letak dalam bag.takut kena pegi parliament nanti leceh.
8) my 4GB pendrive.dah jarang guna.sebab ada external 160g.heuheu.
9) my clorets.dark mint please.
10) my precious coach purse.given by mom ♥
11) my favorite GHOST perfume and hand lotion.I could only buy it in London.since my dear Lilo is in London now.so i just ask her to buy for me.hehe..had been using since 4 years ago.
12) my extra Aigner watch.in case i forgot to wear watch during outings (selalu rushing nak siap2 dah lambat :P )

so next is what's inside the POUCH..hehe..i don't bring my makeup along to office everyday.sebab beratt!! too many things.so i brought this pouch to everywhere.must bring.everywhere.just some stuffs which have to be with me in case of emergency.

1) Refresher Towelette from Emirates Airlines (something like wet tissue)
2) Dark Brown Silky Girl Eyeliner.had been loyal to this since last 2 years.love the color.
3) Nivea Fruit Shine.strawberry.addicted.to keep my lips moist.office sejuk sangat.
4) almost finish Estee Lauder pleasure perfume stick
5) MAC Cremesheen Glass,Partial Pink. given by besties,nadz + bluebird =) last year's birthday present.
6) marker! HAHAHA..just incase going to post office sending of mails or parcels.
7) loads of painkillers and magnesium pills in case of gastric or menses =P or demam.
8) HRC Sydney Pocket Mirror.a souvenir from Sydney given by besties,nadz ♥
9) Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Natural Powder Foundation
10) some bamboo bangle bought from LeftBlok at Fatspoon.and pink hairband.in case of emergency.hehe

so pretty much,that's it!that's all i have in my handbag.oh,besides car keys and house keys.so yeah.hee..hope u would love to blog your "what's in my bag?" too! thanks to ami.some interesting stuff to blog about.enjoy! much love xx

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