Sunday, February 20, 2011

hey ho!! how's it going peeps?woww!!i had been super duper lazy and busy! well,for the past 2 weeks.i was caught up in UATs and meetings and courses.we also had family day in Selesa Homes Bukit Tinggi.the place my friend, is not that 'Selesa' anymore =P the houses and apartments was ok.but the facilities are OUT! but luckily the food turned out to be yummy! unlike Tiara Beach Resort.aduyai..the food macam makanan asrama!worse!

but at least we had great fun during the family day.i brought along my nephews and fact,the whole family were there! mam,dad,ash,kakak,abang,abg amin,eyman,ameer and nina!woww!memang meriah betul! ameer played few games and won fews too!he was really a happy camper that day!! all excited and boy!he was super exhausted that he was fast asleep by 7pm. i bet he had a great time =)

ameer was collecting the sweets and putting into his shirt!so banyakkk okayy!! LOL

i was exhausted myself.i drove back with two other colleagues back to KL at 930am.reached home by 10ish.climbed the bed.and woke up at 2pm.hungry!! lucky aliaa texted me for Santai.had lunch with her and talked about her wedding preparations.yep,aliaa's getting hitched soon!! (ayuni,i hope ur reading this!!) that lady is such a super woman! knowing her buzzing busy life n you know she can be super trendy and modern..but she's a conservative bride to be.hehe..she keeps it sweet and simple.can't wait to attend her wedding soon!

and as for me!haha,guess what i signed up for??hahahaha!ok kasi gelak puas2!!i finally signed up for gym!and worse is..i'm addicted!! was fun to do those treadmilling and oh boy those steppers are killing me wehhh!! well it was my first week anyways.and had been going there for 7days first i was like "i'm gonna die!i'm gonna die!!" the instructor (not a personal one.just someone to guide me) was really forcing me to do it.if you're not keen can't stand her,man!and now alhamdulillah.i'm getting used to was fun!! but at times i just wanna cry! (sebab budak kecik tu memang mendera abes!!) hahaha!! oh well,just to keep me,it's cheaper than fitness first or celebrity fitness.andddd..whenever i come..there were no people around (adalah few guys pumping muscles.bleurghh!) but they minded their own i feel privacy.hehe.best2!!thanks to my ex housemate rajin to teman me everyday =) lets hope i'll doing it continuously :)

wow!! i can't believe it!! in less than 40days,i am off to Japan!!nervous and excited!! ^__^ i can't wait to meet old friends and teachers! and old places back there.*rindu*!! and of course,the main agenda is to go for Hanami = sakura watching! tanoshimi!! oh my!oh my! =) ok peeps,hope u had a lovely weekend! have a great week ahead! much love xx

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