Monday, February 07, 2011

hallooo!! xīnnián kuàilè!! how was your chinese new year holiday?? mine was superbly BORED!! haha!! i almost died of boredom.why didn't i think of getting myself a vacation?? durhh!! i should've planned to go to Melaka or even PD,at least.but no,i end up siting on bed (more like lying) doing nothing =P but i just can't brain is racing with too many things! oh i did do loads of lunges and squads. and i lost 4 kilos. (i believe i did,please blame the weighing scales if it lied) =P alhamdulillah for that.but someone, totally smashed down my determination by telling me i'm fat.thank you very much.i wish someone tell u the same thing.huh!

well,its such a waste of time to get all gloomy and sad over people's perception or people's remarks on you.but i was really really frustrated.i mean who will not feel sad if people just shove "YOU'RE FAT" in your face right in front of everyone!! like EVERYONE! i was so kind enough to just smirk.and ignore.if i was really upset and angry..i would've said the same thing to her.haih..people just can't say nice things to other people is it?so i decided not to talk to her through out our gathering.not worth it anyway.

so instead of smashing her nice car.or smack the food in her face, i ran for an hour on Sunday.oh i feel sooo guuuddehhh!! but seriously..i can't believe someone could be so mean to's fine if you tell me i've gained few weights.but!that's a very very strong word.and if you're skinny and all slimmed down,you can shove that words in my face.but ya're urm.. 'fatter' than can u even say it to other people? sila cermin diri sad to see some people just thought that they are better than everyone.screw you!

but hey,on the bright side.look who lost weights *ting!* ;-) insyaAllah lets loose some moree!i am never so angry that your word,my friend..your words! makes me stronger!thank you very much! happy rabbit year! eat rabbit more so u i can screw ur face too! well it's true.. "what makes you weak,makes you stronger" have a nice monday! much love xx

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