Monday, February 28, 2011

nah! my favourite monster! i ♥ this photo.during our last hang out at TGIF.the day i dropped zul's camera! LOL my first bonus went down the drain to get him a new camera.LUMIX lagi tau! =P and the day..when everything changed =) much love xx

p/s: btw,this is not zul.hehe

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

hey ho!! how's it going peeps?woww!!i had been super duper lazy and busy! well,for the past 2 weeks.i was caught up in UATs and meetings and courses.we also had family day in Selesa Homes Bukit Tinggi.the place my friend, is not that 'Selesa' anymore =P the houses and apartments was ok.but the facilities are OUT! but luckily the food turned out to be yummy! unlike Tiara Beach Resort.aduyai..the food macam makanan asrama!worse!

but at least we had great fun during the family day.i brought along my nephews and fact,the whole family were there! mam,dad,ash,kakak,abang,abg amin,eyman,ameer and nina!woww!memang meriah betul! ameer played few games and won fews too!he was really a happy camper that day!! all excited and boy!he was super exhausted that he was fast asleep by 7pm. i bet he had a great time =)

ameer was collecting the sweets and putting into his shirt!so banyakkk okayy!! LOL

i was exhausted myself.i drove back with two other colleagues back to KL at 930am.reached home by 10ish.climbed the bed.and woke up at 2pm.hungry!! lucky aliaa texted me for Santai.had lunch with her and talked about her wedding preparations.yep,aliaa's getting hitched soon!! (ayuni,i hope ur reading this!!) that lady is such a super woman! knowing her buzzing busy life n you know she can be super trendy and modern..but she's a conservative bride to be.hehe..she keeps it sweet and simple.can't wait to attend her wedding soon!

and as for me!haha,guess what i signed up for??hahahaha!ok kasi gelak puas2!!i finally signed up for gym!and worse is..i'm addicted!! was fun to do those treadmilling and oh boy those steppers are killing me wehhh!! well it was my first week anyways.and had been going there for 7days first i was like "i'm gonna die!i'm gonna die!!" the instructor (not a personal one.just someone to guide me) was really forcing me to do it.if you're not keen can't stand her,man!and now alhamdulillah.i'm getting used to was fun!! but at times i just wanna cry! (sebab budak kecik tu memang mendera abes!!) hahaha!! oh well,just to keep me,it's cheaper than fitness first or celebrity fitness.andddd..whenever i come..there were no people around (adalah few guys pumping muscles.bleurghh!) but they minded their own i feel privacy.hehe.best2!!thanks to my ex housemate rajin to teman me everyday =) lets hope i'll doing it continuously :)

wow!! i can't believe it!! in less than 40days,i am off to Japan!!nervous and excited!! ^__^ i can't wait to meet old friends and teachers! and old places back there.*rindu*!! and of course,the main agenda is to go for Hanami = sakura watching! tanoshimi!! oh my!oh my! =) ok peeps,hope u had a lovely weekend! have a great week ahead! much love xx

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Friday, February 18, 2011

halo.sorry.saya busy sket lately :( saya sempat twit dan tumblr sahaja.i miss blogging though.banyak benda nak cite.of hari keluarga in Selesa Homes,good movies over the weekends and hanging out with old friends! rindu gila kat nadz,via,shoe and alia! and our little precious FANFAN.nanti kita update each other k! saya kena kerja sabtu, *sigh* will update soon! oh and about the thing i'm doing recently.haha!korang sure tak percaya.will update soon! much love xx

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Monday, February 07, 2011

hallooo!! xīnnián kuàilè!! how was your chinese new year holiday?? mine was superbly BORED!! haha!! i almost died of boredom.why didn't i think of getting myself a vacation?? durhh!! i should've planned to go to Melaka or even PD,at least.but no,i end up siting on bed (more like lying) doing nothing =P but i just can't brain is racing with too many things! oh i did do loads of lunges and squads. and i lost 4 kilos. (i believe i did,please blame the weighing scales if it lied) =P alhamdulillah for that.but someone, totally smashed down my determination by telling me i'm fat.thank you very much.i wish someone tell u the same thing.huh!

well,its such a waste of time to get all gloomy and sad over people's perception or people's remarks on you.but i was really really frustrated.i mean who will not feel sad if people just shove "YOU'RE FAT" in your face right in front of everyone!! like EVERYONE! i was so kind enough to just smirk.and ignore.if i was really upset and angry..i would've said the same thing to her.haih..people just can't say nice things to other people is it?so i decided not to talk to her through out our gathering.not worth it anyway.

so instead of smashing her nice car.or smack the food in her face, i ran for an hour on Sunday.oh i feel sooo guuuddehhh!! but seriously..i can't believe someone could be so mean to's fine if you tell me i've gained few weights.but!that's a very very strong word.and if you're skinny and all slimmed down,you can shove that words in my face.but ya're urm.. 'fatter' than can u even say it to other people? sila cermin diri sad to see some people just thought that they are better than everyone.screw you!

but hey,on the bright side.look who lost weights *ting!* ;-) insyaAllah lets loose some moree!i am never so angry that your word,my friend..your words! makes me stronger!thank you very much! happy rabbit year! eat rabbit more so u i can screw ur face too! well it's true.. "what makes you weak,makes you stronger" have a nice monday! much love xx

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

hallo.lovely weather today.selamat hari wilayah!=) and today feels like posting ami's twit from sputniksweetheart. "what's inside your bag?" =)'s what inside my bag

ok basically the numbers are all out of clockwise ke anti ke.semua hentam.hehe here are the stuffs inside my Aigner handbag.been using its since last the two ways of wearing can wear it as sling bag.or u can kepit bawah ketiak.haha i dunno how to put in words.i'm not much of a handbag person.i just own them.LOL.the price..tak ingat sangat.haha dun wanna remember cos it burned my pocket money! =P so ok :

1) polka dots make up/meds pouch from mom. (will narrow down what's inside it in below's photo pulak) hehe
2) my two precious phone.the black one is the express music (Celcom) my dad gave it to me.and my ever first 3G the second one is corby (maxis) i bought it myself last Hari cute in white.that i just hafta have it.and i cannot live without it too!
3) my not so recent movie tix : gulliver's travel.watched with syg
4) must have at least one emergency that's my leaf brooch.
5) loose change.must've slipped in every time paying stuffs.
6) pens! hafta have pens.always.pen free dua.pen opih satu.haha!
7) my ID card.selalu lupa letak dalam bag.takut kena pegi parliament nanti leceh.
8) my 4GB pendrive.dah jarang guna.sebab ada external 160g.heuheu.
9) my clorets.dark mint please.
10) my precious coach purse.given by mom ♥
11) my favorite GHOST perfume and hand lotion.I could only buy it in London.since my dear Lilo is in London i just ask her to buy for me.hehe..had been using since 4 years ago.
12) my extra Aigner case i forgot to wear watch during outings (selalu rushing nak siap2 dah lambat :P )

so next is what's inside the POUCH..hehe..i don't bring my makeup along to office everyday.sebab beratt!! too many i brought this pouch to everywhere.must bring.everywhere.just some stuffs which have to be with me in case of emergency.

1) Refresher Towelette from Emirates Airlines (something like wet tissue)
2) Dark Brown Silky Girl Eyeliner.had been loyal to this since last 2 the color.
3) Nivea Fruit keep my lips sejuk sangat.
4) almost finish Estee Lauder pleasure perfume stick
5) MAC Cremesheen Glass,Partial Pink. given by besties,nadz + bluebird =) last year's birthday present.
6) marker! HAHAHA..just incase going to post office sending of mails or parcels.
7) loads of painkillers and magnesium pills in case of gastric or menses =P or demam.
8) HRC Sydney Pocket Mirror.a souvenir from Sydney given by besties,nadz ♥
9) Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Natural Powder Foundation
10) some bamboo bangle bought from LeftBlok at Fatspoon.and pink case of emergency.hehe

so pretty much,that's it!that's all i have in my handbag.oh,besides car keys and house yeah.hee..hope u would love to blog your "what's in my bag?" too! thanks to ami.some interesting stuff to blog about.enjoy! much love xx

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