Saturday, January 15, 2011

halo! morning! it's a very nice saturday morning.and the weather is sooo's good if it will be this nice all day long today :) my friend idrina a.k.a bluebird!! is getting engaged today! yeayyy!! will be heading off to her house soon.expected to be aroun 350 guests! ramainyaaaa.. *wiaww~~*

last weekends was pretty much fun and hectic too!on friday night mister and i had a nice dinner at the Seoul Garden for his birthday.sedapppp!! tapi perut dah tak muat! :P

and the next day we went off to watch The Tourist.adoiiihh that Johhny Depp guy was really funny,man! in a serious movie like that pun boleh jadi funny! =P it was a nice movie one! ;) and after the movie we went for LAYANG-LAYANG!!

besttttt tauu!! haha ok macam budak2.tapi last time i played the kite was eons!!! pastu dah besar2 ni main rasa cam "ok aku tak terrer! :P " all in all,we had a great time..heee..tengok2 dah kol 715pm.patutlah gelap =P

penat!!but fun! when was the last time u played a kite? ;) much love xx

p/s : wait till u see what i did the next day.another crazy fun day too!

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