Wednesday, January 19, 2011

waahhh time passes sooo fast wan..looking at watch.aik,already 12pm.check again, aik? already fartttt!! eh salah!(typo) so fastt!! and tomorrow is already thaipusam! weeeee!! ok not that i'm celebrating it (but my two neighbors beside my house are) but i am gonna have a longgg holidays!! weeee!! 4 hari je pun.he he..i am gonna be home and sleep!these past few days i just have trouble with sleeping.although at nights i should be sleeping in early..but i am alone.boring man! lucky got encik to come and have dinner with me ♥ but if he's not around, i will end up watching up the house.mop the floor.doing laundries.hang clothes.iron tomorrows baju kurung.bla bla bosan right? sometimes i will talk alone.seriously.kesian kan? T__T

but last night i watched PUSH.i love dakota fanning.since the movie SAM.and then Uptown kan? hehe..she's all grown up now!

she looked so different right? compared to dulu-dulu..she used to look so cute and smiling wide showing off her braces (used to) or her teeth.

but now..she is soooo gorgeous!! all grown up d!! haiyaa..

last time i check.i was much older than her..but if she's older now..then, i must be OLDEDEST!!? *slaps forehead*


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