Thursday, January 27, 2011

halo!!how's it going there?it's been ages since my last post.well actually i am suffering from a very very bad menstrual recently.i never experienced it before until recently,i was taking this so called hormone pills to get my menses back on track.(these pills were meant to get my menses back on track and to level up my estrogen. i have very very low estrogen.sobsob) but the drawback is that.when i stop taking the pills (it's actually on the rest phase for 7 days) i will be having a very very bad tummy ache like not sleeping well at night,constantly changing *toot*, and also loads and loads of b****ing!like super duper banyak we're talking here..

i was close to giving up,going to the emergency room just because i was confused with my body signs.i even went to the government hospitals to seek for help.but every time i went to the hospital, i was not even get the chance to meet the doctor to seek medical attention.i feel like strangling the nurse. "cik,cik kena ada appoinment baru boleh jumpa doctor" "cik,kalau darah banyak sangat pegi emergency room je cik.kami bukan sombong,tapi ini prosedur" PROCEDURE my ass!! if i die of loosing too much blood..i'll make sure my ghost will haunt you in your dreams!!

lucky me i got a best friend whom is a i called shila and ask her..if it's normal to be having these weird symptoms after having the hormone pills.and YES.the answer is YES. i am still normal.LOL.thanks shil!! i love u so much and thank you very much for your attention. i was really freaking out that i had been having badddd menses for 4 days!!! i can't even sit in a fatal position.the only answer to ease my pain was to eat ponstant! even the Panadol Menstrual (4 tablets) does not help!pfftt!!

alhamdulillah.i'm much better now.i do feel like dying.haha.i thought i was dying!damn! but now that i hollaaa!! i am still here. and insyaAllah, will be seeing u people soon.hopefully the whole menstrual thing will end this week.i need to meet my babe (nadz + bluebird) for their belated birthday meet ups =P i even applied for 2 days holidays for CNY and Hari Wilayah and end up with SEMBILAN HARI choti! weee!! hope to have a looongg good rest before getting back into gear 5 next week.loads and loads of UAT need to be done.huhu.oh least,i will have a good rest by then.hehe.ok peeps! have a nice day! much love xx

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