Sunday, January 16, 2011

hey ho~ sundays are justttt's the day when u will not want to do stuffs but to sit at home.snuggled in bed.waking up late and eat breakfast with family :)

but last sunday,well, despite the lists above.hehe.i did had breakfast with my laling family.and snuggled extra 10minutes before off for my sunday jog.and just sit at home.NOTTT..i did not sit at home,instead,i head off to a friend's friend's birthday.yep.that's what we called each other =B it's aishah's birthday! and she had this nice headpiece birthday party!=) she was a great baker i tell u! she baked everything and she can cook everything too! we had pizza.and (ape benda warna putih dalam mangkuk tu ajah?) with salad.and her yummy truffles! OMAGAD!! jaw dropped babe!memang scrumptious!!pastu siap ada pinata!! weeee!! tapi comel sangat! tonari no totoro atta yo!! chooooo kawaiiii!! sayang nak pukul.hehe!enjoy!

ini birthday girl, nama dia aishah.
ajjah and me! :)
pastu ni saya dengan makuro chang! kawaiii deshouuuu

it was great fun! sedap gila all the food.if we stayed longer.we will end up in biggest loser program.haha!thanks aishah for inviting us.i hope u had a great time :) cos we did! sekali sekala back to was ur weekends?best tak? mine today,pegi tengok dad's new it! =) and oh!i will be joining ajjah and dey's invitation.lets enter the 30days challenge.just for fun :) something nice for u to reminiscence :) will update soon!check out yah!

muchos luv xx

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