Wednesday, January 05, 2011

hi peeps!!! woww HAPPY NEW YEARR!! i am sooo sorryy..i just lost track of time!2010 was like few days ago,right??new year is like soo cepat dah 5th day already!woww!! well, as much as the days gone by.i was pretty hooked up with birthday celebrations,weddings and engagement!! this saturday is another saturday is another engangement! wow!! everyone is catching up the pace (except for me..:P )

and year went well.i did not go anywhere.just at dad's birthday was on the we went for dinner and end up in bed by for me..i'm busy drafting up my new year's wrap and all the things that happened along 2010.i do miss 2010.i will definitely remember it as one of the memorable year.soooo many things happened and i would ♥ to keep it my heart.

as for now..lets move forward..keep our pace and move towards another blessful year.and insyaAllah..maybe a different and better me.and better you,of course! i hope u will have a good year this all those bad vibes..shoohh shooohh!! please go away.dust it of ur shoulder.blow ur fingernails and lets rock it! 2011!! BRING IT ON!!

much love xx

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