Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey ho! what a lovely weather's been raining since morning until now.i love it.i haven't switched on the aircond or fan the whole day!hehe..and alhamdulillah it was a good day to celebrate nadz's belated birthday! yeay! finally we made it,for we went for her belated birthday breakfast at Marmalade Cafe!

it was the same cafe we had her surprise birthday party last year =P LOL but unfortunately she couldn't make this time around, me,via and shoe made it for her! finally!! =) and of course with our little heartthrob.. fanfan! ♥

oppss..where's farah?hehe..ok lets not lost focus on our main agenda shall we!;P so fetched farah at a wee bit lost at mont kiara.found the place.and wallah!we're here!

we're at the marmalade cafe! =) we were the only people for breakfast! i bet everyone was still sleeping in for the weather was soooo coolingg and snuggly to be in bed ;) hehe..i had the usual (eceh,baru dua kali datang..dah jadi usual plak) =P

turkish ham is by far, the most yummiest ham wrap i ever had! and farah had this sunny side up down backwards forward i dunno what's the name.but there's salmon in it.hehe looks yummyyy!!

and we have via and her mama! hehehe..hello aunty!! =) via had the same turkish ham wrap like mine and aunty had seafood olio sumting.i tak sempat amek gamba! too excited to have a nice meal with the ladies!! =P

and the rest of the meal we had great fun with fanfan's keletah (what is keletah in english?:P) so cute when he actually tarik2 via's it a way of approaching woman fanfan?? hehehe..

and the usual picture of us at the cute wall of marmalade!! so cute right?the ferris wheel.and the whole background =)

and the rest of the day..was just us.with loads and loads of photos! (^___^)

i hope u had a great time farah =) it's just a simple celebration though.nothing fancy ;) happy belated birthday! ♥ and happy 2nd anniversary for your wedding day =)

ahaha..i super ♥ this picture!priceless! may Allah bless you and your family! much love xx

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